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[Postcard addressed to Mary Moore, December 19, 1913]
Postcard to Mary Moore in Kansas City Missouri that was sent by W. H. McGee and say thank you for the Christmas presents. The image on the opposite side shows two figures walking in a snow covered scene.
[Postcard to Claude and Linnet Moore White, December 23, 1913]
Postcard to Linnet and Claude White with Christmas wishes from Claudia. The front of the card has an image of a house covered with snow and holly decorating a fence railing.
[Postcard to Linnet Moore White, July 11, 1913]
This is a document from the Charles B. Moore Collection. It is a postcard which details to Linnet Moore White that Mr. and Mrs. Fred Humes have had a baby boy on July 10 in Charleston. The card is sent to Linnet by Mrs, Chesebro.
[Postcard to Mary Ann Moore, December 29, 1913]
This is a document from the Charles B. Moore Collection. In this postcard, a family member from Gallatin thanks Mary for her remembrances and the little shoes. She expresses her wish to have them with the family in Gallatin this Christmas, but notes that they are having a good time and hopes the same for Mary and her family. She notes that she will write again soon to Moore and family. (The lower left side of the card is torn off, therefore the sender's name remains unknown as well as the information in those sentences.)
[Undated postcard from M. Dorothy Dodd to Mary Moore]
A postcard from M. Dorothy Dodd in Kansas City, Missouri, to Mary Moore. Dodd writes to say that she left Gallatin and hopes to enjoy the "western atmosphere" in Kansas City. She mentions that all are well in Gallatin, and that "Sister" is recovering from a long illness. The postcard, postmarked September 6, is addressed to Mrs. Mary A. Moore in Fort Worth, Texas, Box 52.