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[Bill of Sale for A. D. Kennard, May 12,1857]
Bill of Sale for A.D. Kennard from David M.Smith regarding a slave named Harris. On the back is a witness account of sale.
[Bill of Sale for Cattle, February 1873]
Bill of sale of cattle from Mark L. Kennard to A.D. Kennard.
[Commissary Report of Johnson County Rangers, January 12, 1861]
Account of items purchased: blankets, comforters, coffee pots, axes, rope, frying pans, tobacco, and other items.
[Court summons issued to A.D. Kennard, September 8, 1862]
Summons to A.D. Kennard requesting his appearance in Buchanan, Johnson County, as a defendant in a case with Hiram Bayes, plaintiff, on September 8th, 1862.
[Envelope for letter to A.D. Kennard]
Envelope for letter to A.D. Kennard
[Postcard from B.A. Doby to A.D. Kennard, May 16, 1883]
Letter from B.A. Doby to A.D. Kennard about receiving the balance and he also mentions that he will pay Kennard back with interest.
[Postcard from George Stewart to John Stewart, April 30, 1899]
This is a document from the Charles B. Moore Collection. It is written by George Stewart and is addressed to John Stewart. In this postcard, Stewart discusses the goings-on in Johnson County in Texas. The news includes: updates on his and the family's well-being, a discussion about the planting of cottonseed, details about the grasshoppers eating all the wheat and mostly all of the corn, a message to Bill Evans about renting land, and updates about correspondences received. He closes the letter by noting that should John write soon with all the news.
[Receipt for sale of slave to A. D. Kennard, October 10, 1842]
Receipt for sale of a slave from Thomas Smith to A.D. Kennard. She is described as a 14 year old girl named Adlin.