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[Transcript of Letter from David Fentress to Clara, March 29, 1863]

Description: Transcript of a letter from David Fentress to his wife Clara in which he says that despaired of receiving another letter from her after waiting a month between letters. David describes what they had to leave behind when the order to move out came. He also lists what he took with him. He recounts the meeting with his mother when he returned to her home after moving to Texas. He remarks that for once she hand nothing to say. He tells Clara he raced her mare. He appreciates the hat she gave him. He explains about the care of peach trees. He also says that he thinks it would be best to allow a slave, Rhett, to marry her beau. He ends the letter by sending his love to her and the children.
Date: March 29, 1863
Item Type: Letter
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections