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[Clothing account request, March 8, 1865]
Letter requesting that the descriptive list and clothing accounts for Maus V. V. Washburn, who is a patient in the Cuyler U. S. Army General Hospital in Philadelphia, be forwarded to the Medical Director's Office in Philadelphia as he was admitted with nothing.
[Letter from A. S. Ashmead to the Paymaster General, August 11, 1864]
Letter to the Paymaster General that transportation was furnished to Baltimore MD for Joseph Freeman at the cost of $2.06.
[Letter from H. S. Schell to Capt. T. C. Kendall, March 8, 1865]
Letter from Assistant surgeon H.S. Schell to Capt. T.C. Kendall requesting the descriptive list of Private Mauz. V.V. Washburn. A descriptive list is a soldier's record which documents his medical history, physical description, as well as clothing accounts and deposits. In this case, Schell would be requesting his medical history, but would receive an all-encompassing descriptive list of Private Washburn. Schell states that two application requests have been made for this soldier's descriptive list: one on October 24, 1864 and the other on January 24, 1865. He notes that the Cuyler Hospital has yet to receive the requested descriptive list.