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[Company Orders Book, June 15, 1864-June 1865]
Company order book with special orders, many of them for promotions and demotions. They include demotions for robbing a paroled rebel soldier, incompetence, intoxication, and disorderly behavior. There is an order that all men must turn in all civilian and rebel clothing. The book also appears to have been used for schoolwork and drawing by children at some later date. It also includes some song lyrics or poetry. Many pages are cut out of the back of the book and some pages partially missing.
[Criminal Docket, District Court, Cooke County, 1871-1874]
Ledger from Cooke County, Texas, containing docket information that includes attorney names, the names of the parties involved, offenses, witnesses, and orders made.
[Eulogy on Abraham Lincoln, April 19, 1865]
Eulogy on Abraham Lincoln, presented at the City Hall in Springfield, Massachusetts. The eulogy was written by J. G. Holland and was published by Samuel Bowles & Co.: L. J. Powers.
[J. P. Civil and Criminal Docket, No Precinct , Cooke County, 1866-1867]
Ledger from Cooke County, Texas containing records of civil and criminal dockets, minutes, and fees.
[Journal of Josephus C. Moore, May 20, 1861 to September 2, 1862]
A journal written by Josephus Moore describing his enlistment into the army in Tennessee at the outbreak of the Civil War, his experience in battle, imprisonment at Fort Donelson, and swearing an oath to gain his freedom.
[Morning Reports for Company F, 1864-1865]
Morning reports of Company F for the years 1864 and 1865. The monthly reports begin in September 1864 and end in July 1865. These reports detail the company's station; the number of soldiers on active duty, special duty, daily duty, or extra duty; the soldier's rank within the company; the number of men who were sick, arrested,confined, or on detached leave; as well as those who were with and without leave. The reports also note the number of serviceable and unserviceable horses. Included along with the monthly reports was a remarks page where the daily happenings of the company were recorded. These remarks listed men who were on furlough, in the hospital, or those who were missing from duty. Hamilton K. Redway and his company were stationed at Camp Piatt and Kelly's Creek during the months the reports were recorded in this book. Redway's signature appears several times in the morning reports.
[Official Army Register, 1865]
Official Army Register containing: casualties, name, rank, date of commission.
[Personal Note Book, 1846]
A book of poems and quotations, some written by Charles Moore and others transcribed from the works of other authors.
[Quartermaster's Roll for Company P 1st Division, 1866]
Ledger listing the names of soldiers in the company and the items issued to each by the quartermaster, including clothing items and supplies for cooking.
[Record of Fugitives, District Court, Cook County, 1865-1908]
Ledger from Cooke County, Texas containing an alphabetical list of criminal fugitives, identified by file number, name, offense, and date of filing.