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[Letter from Birdie McKinley to Mary Moore, Claude and Linnet White, August 2, 1907]

Description: Letter from Birdie McKinley to Mary Moore, Claude and Linnet White. She received their letter and was sad to hear that they weren't coming to visit. She says that she could not go visit them because they are having a lot of bad luck. She is sorry that their crops are not doing well. Birdie's chickens have cholera. Lillie Bell has consumption. She canned and jammed Blackberries and sold them. She comments that everything is ripening late. The cashier at the bank was robbing it for years. She mentions how the money was being used. She brags about Will and how well he is doing. She is waiting for Linnet's letter and wishing they would come visit. She talks about the work she is doing and gives news about people. Richard Dobbins got married. She asks for information about the people living in Texas.
Date: August 2, 1907
Creator: McKinley, Birdie
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[Letter from Charles B. Moore to Henry S. Moore, August 31, 1885]

Description: This is a letter from the Charles B. Moore Collection. It is written by Charles B. Moore to his brother Henry S. Moore. In his letter, Charles updates his brother on the happenings of his trip, who he has visited, and how he enjoys seeing old friends again. He details news about a trip that Betty Thornhill is making to Dallas and he states that she may be visiting him soon, if she is not already there. He notes that the family listened to a sermon by Brother Haynes. All the family attended this sermon except Mr. Dodd. He mentioned that Henry should pass this information on to Mrs. Thornhill. Moore tells his brother about meeting new friends and old comrades as well as their siblings, but also details the business successes of family friends. He states that Sam Thornhill and Tom And Alice Wright have plans to visit Texas soon. He expresses his happiness for John Stewart who has been appointed revenue collector and will make good pay; a living which will prevent him from having to turn to hard labor for money. He details that Tim Thornhill was very badly injured from a buggy accident and mentions a robbery which occurred to a family friend as well as financial concerns surrounding this crime. He states that he has seen Alexander and Allen, but has not spoken to them about the estate of their uncle. Charles tells Henry that Jack Wood's daughter will be married and Tobe and Florence want him to accompany them to the wedding. He updates Henry on the weather and on the crops in the Gallatin area. He notes that Sally Thornhill is recovering from her illness and details additional news concerning family friends and the community. He mentions his past plans with friends and ...
Date: August 31, 1885
Creator: Moore, Charles B.
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[Letter from Charlie Gross to Charles B. Moore, August 16, 1889]

Description: This is a letter from the Charles B. Moore Collection. It is written by Charlie Gross and is addressed to Charles B. Moore. In this letter, Gross updates the Moore family on the happenings in Collin County and the news includes: a dialogue about not getting the grass burnt and not having trouble with the stock pumping into the garden, a discussion about Bryney was has been cut deep and may pass, an update on the peach crop, news about community meetings and picnics, details about Clarence's lemonade stand, a dialogue about attending the show in town, updates about the turnips and plans to sow the rest of the patch as soon as it is dry, a weather update, a message to Mrs. Moore about the hens, a message to Linnet about seeing Lora in town and details that Gross will write Linnet soon. He closes the letter by stating that he has told the Moore family all he can. The envelope is included with the letter.
Date: August 16, 1889
Creator: Gross, Charlie
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[Letter from F. M. Griffin to Mary Moore, August 27, 1907]

Description: Letter to Mary Moore from F. M. Griffin. She mentions the fair was organized very well. She has had so many visitors that she is now sick. She mentions where Lillian is going to school and what she did before the fair. Martha Patterson helped them at the fair. She talks about food spoiling and cousin Lou not doing so well. She talks about her crops and how well they did. She is getting treated by the same doctor that treated Uncle Abe. She talks about her treatment and pain. She asks that Linnet write to her, and she really wants to see them.
Date: August 27, 1907
Creator: Griffin, F. M. & Griffin, Alice
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[Letter from J. K. Drury to Linnet and Charles Moore, August 26, 1897]

Description: This is a letter from the Charles B. Moore Collection. It is written by J. K. Drury to Linnet and Charles B Moore. In this letter, Drury informs the Moore family of the goings-on in Chambersville, TX while Charles and Linnet were in Gallatin, Tennessee. The news includes: updates on family, news about the weather and crops, a discussion about community news, a dialogue about the camp meeting and the attendees of that meeting, details about Sid Williams' sermon. The envelope is included with the letters.
Date: August 26, 1897
Creator: Drury, J. K.
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[Letter from Laura Jernigan to Mary Ann and Charles B. Moore, August 30, 1885]

Description: This letter is from the Charles B. Moore Collection. It is written by Laura Jernigan, who was cousin to Charles. In her letter, Jernigan states that she has not kept up correspondence with Charles and Mary due to her daily chores, but also because she was ill for a month with a cough that wouldn't go away. She notes that she is ill again with a cold, though she has no cough this time. She updates Charles on family who have visited her and details that her and the children will be traveling to Sherman next week to visit the Wallace's if all goes according to plan. This trip to Sherman will be her first in seven years. Jernigan points out the the Moore family must be having a wonderful time in Gallatin, Tennessee. She expresses her happiness for Mary who was able to visit her family, but who was also able to see her home state. She fears that she will never see Tennessee again. She informs Charles of the rainy weather they have had and notes that even though the rain was much needed, the mud was certainly not. She states that she has received a letter from Cousin Lizzie who kept her posted on the health and news concerning family friends. She passed this news on to Charles in the letter. She asks Charles to write and tell her about the crops in Tennessee. She mentions that Lizzie still talks about the trip she took to see Linnet and has fond memories of the time they spent together. She hopes that Charles will not be upset with her for not keeping up correspondence and explains that this is the second letter she has written in a long time. Jernigan mentions that she was too tired to search ...
Date: August 30, 1885
Creator: Jernigan, Laura
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[Letter from Matilda Dodd to Mr. Moore and Sis, August 31, 1879]

Description: She was glad to hear that the Moore's were doing well and mentions they are doing well also. The weather is still warm, but they are expecting more rain after a thunderstorm last Saturday. They are plowing to sow wheat. The Christians have had preaching every night and Abe and Bettie went to Union to preach. Bob has made cider and sold $3 worth in town. They have apples falling and peaches that are ripe. Dinky and Bettie are going to can some apples. They have beans, tomatoes, sweet potatoes in abundance and the late irish potatoes look good. She gives information on Faunt, that he is a good guy and has two brothers. She asks that they write back soon.
Date: August 31, 1879
Creator: Dodd, Matilda
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[Letter from Sally Thornhill to Mary Moore, August 2, 1909]

Description: Letter from Sally Thornhill to Mary Moore in which she writes about her family's health, the weather, and a visit by Claude White. She updates Mary on the activities of family and friends. Sally recounts a crash with a buggy, which left her and Nelly injured. She also tells Mary that she has eczema on her ankles. She describes how she treats the eczema.
Date: August 2, 1909
Creator: Thornhill, Sally
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[Letters from Matilda Dodd and Adelitia McGee to the Moore Family, August 15, 1888]

Description: This document is from the Charles B. Moore Collection. It is a joint letter written by Matilda Dodd and Dinkie (Adelitia) McGee to the Moore family. In this letter, Matilda updates the Moore family on news from Gallatin, Tennessee and it includes: updates on family, friends, and correspondences which were received, a discussion about the dry weather and it's affects on the crops and the stock tank, a dialogue about Mary Thornhill, details about the produce that has been processed as cider, canned, or preserved, a discussion about Dinkie's poultry and the amount of butter she has sold, a dialogue about a disease which is afflicting the calves, instructions about the pictures which were sent to the Moore family, and news about school starting for Birdie,Alice, and Will. She closes the letter by stating that Linnet should attend the school with her kin. In Dinkie's letter, she details the happenings in Gallatin and the news includes: a dialogue about the dry weather and drought-like conditions, news about Will attending an ice cream supper at Limon McGee's place, a discussion about family members who traveled to Dry Fork for a meeting, details about a trip to Cousin Lou's place, a dialogue about John Wallace's burnt up thresher, news about a gift sent to Fannie, and a discussion about Linnet. She closes the letter by stating that Linnet must write soon. The envelope is included with the letter.
Date: August 15, 1888
Creator: Dodd, Matilda & McGee, Adelitia
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[Postcard from H. S. Moore to Charles B. Moore, August 23, 1881]

Description: H.S. Moore is having 100 to 102 degree weather and has seen a second comet that was not as bright. Maria is doing better. George Kendall has started picking cotton. He missed two sermons, but received a private sermon from Bro. Noble. He was able to have more of a conversation with him. Bro. Penn was ill. Mrs. Welbom moved to Sasby and is going to keep a boarding house. The prairies have every kind of livestock coming. Owls and skunks are going after chickens. A rooster fell into the hogs' pen. William Hubford is suffering from an old wound. Jeff Love picks about 100 pounds of cotton every afternoon. Coffman and Scott went to sell dry goods, but their cash box was emptied of $40. Captain Russell has a sign in his salon that says, "In God We Trust." Aunt Ann is doing well.
Date: August 23, 1881
Creator: Moore, H. S.
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