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[Envelope addressed to C. B. Moore]

Description: Envelope addressed to Charles B. Moore from J. A. Walden, county clerk, Collin County, Texas. The post mark is for McKinney, Texas, August 26, 1895. A note in the lower right hand corner says that it was received on August 28, 1895. On the back of the envelope is written, "I've no fears to annoy, & no hopes that might tease with the prospective oblivion assuring me ease."
Date: 1895~
Creator: Walden, J. A.
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[Envelope addressed to Charles B. Moore, April 20, 1895]

Description: Envelope addressed to Mr. Charles B. Moore in Melissa, Collin County, Texas. It was sent by Will McGee and received on April 24, 1895, according to the hand-written note in the bottom left corner. It is postmarked Gallatin, Tenn. APR 20, 1895. The top right corner, where the stamp would have been, has been cut away.
Date: April 20, 1895
Creator: McGee, Will
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[Extension agreement, January 1, 1895]

Description: Extension agreement for Mrs. Loriette C. Redway which secured the payment of a $250.00 bond and extended the time in which the loan amount was to be paid. The agreement states that the principal sum plus interest, 7% per year payable semi-annually, will be due three years from January 1, 1895. Six payment coupons were handwritten at the bottom of the agreement and were to be clipped then taken with payment to the Union Trust Co., where payments would be paid and noted on record. None of the coupons remain attached to the extension agreement.
Date: January 1, 1895
Creator: Union Trust Co.
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[Letter from Alice Griffin to Charles, Mary and Linnet Moore, August 11, 1895]

Description: She couldn't remember if she had responded and decided to write anyway. She mentions that Birdie skipped her horse lesson, which has only happened once before. The Dobbins had ice cream and shared some with them. She will try to finish the letter and was sorry to hear that Charles was unwell. She mentions her own health. She talks about the new cook they got and her daughter that keeps her company. Uncle Simon died. Aunt Bettie came and asked them to come visit soon. Her aunt sent her some fruit and she sent some back. She mentions the discussion of where her Grandmother will now live. She writes that she is worried over their horse Mollie. She mentions how Will never visits them or pays his debts and asks for advice from the Moores. She asks about Henry's health and if Carly Thompson is married. She sends samples of the dresses she is making.
Date: August 11, 1895
Creator: Griffin, Alice
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[Letter from C. B. Moore to Linnet, May 23, 1895]

Description: He is glad to hear she is having a good time. He advises her to take advice from Serena and to spend time with Solomon and Lila. He mentions that Henry is not doing well. He talks about the lack of rain. He mentions what John, Daisy, and Mrs. Priest have been doing. Old Uncle Aleck Buchly got married. Mr. Rose has the chills and Mr. Hill will teach next at the school. He is going to let her stay til Emmet's school closes and he hopes she will behave herself.
Date: May 23, 1895
Creator: Moore, C. B.
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[Letter from C. B. Moore to Linnet, May 26, 1895]

Description: Henry is doing better. Mariah is sending a letter with more details. John sold two loads of corn. He mentions the dreary weather they have had and the state of the crops. They wells have been drying up, some people are digging farther for water. Her mother visited Mrs. Priest. Rucker writes about Henry's health and weather also. He mentions Alice's marriage.
Date: May 26, 1895
Creator: Moore, C. B. & Rucker, J. S.
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[Letter from C. B. Moore to Linnet, May 29, 1895]

Description: He mentions the improvement of Henry's health. He did some plowing and her mother helped him with the bushels. He talks about the weather. Her mother has eggs and butter to take to town. He says that the small pox is still bad. The cases in McKinney he feels are lies spread by Dr. Wiliy. He sold his cow and mentions the foods they have. He discusses on how she will get home.
Date: May 29, 1895
Creator: Moore, C. B.
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[Letter from J. S. Rucker, May 29, 1895]

Description: He mentions Henry's state and that the doctor came to see him. He doesn't want to comment on Uncle Abe getting married. Buckley divided his property and money to his children. He talks about the weather and Charles planting. He mentions how good Henry's garden looks. He writes that Charley Hubbard is going to jail. John and Jennie stayed the night at his house and had dinner at C. B.'s. John and Sam also visited.
Date: May 29, 1895
Creator: Rucker, J. S.
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[Letter from Matilda Dodd to Mr. Moore, Sis, and Linnet, September 10, 1895]

Description: She hadn't heard from them and was worried. She hopes they are doing well and says that she is doing well. She mentions the weather and what she has been doing at Will's. Will has had some visitors. She mentions Birdie going to school and Alice looking better in health. She hasn't heard from Em and was wondering if they were coming to visit or not. She received news from Tobe. She asks that Mr. Moore write his family so she can receive news of them.
Date: September 10, 1895
Creator: Dodd, Matilda
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[Letter from Will H. McGee to C. B. Moore, May 17, 1895]

Description: Will is enjoying good health with Alfred May cooking for him. He visited Alice and saw Birdie and Frank. He is building a cabin for Mr. Holder and he lost some lambs this past winter. He is thinking of selling Birdie's sow and piglets. If he can get enough work done over the summer, he wants to go visit in the fall. Moore's subscription went out and Will received the news that the money made it there okay. He talks about the troupe he is in and how they can see the play he is part of. He sends some of the lines of the play he stars in to Linnet.
Date: May 17, 1895
Creator: McGee, Will H.
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[Letter to Charles and Mary Moore, May 27, 1895]

Description: She writes that she went with Maggie and Mr. Rucker to see Mrs. Lewis. Maggie went to see Linnet and brought Linnet home with her. She tells them the places Linnet has stayed in. They are enjoying having Linnet visit. She mentions that her health has improved. She was sorry to hear about Henry's illness. She was hoping they could come visit too.
Date: May 27, 1895
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