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[Paper Craft Hand Holding Heart]
Paper craft blue hand holding white heart.The heart and hand have been woven together. There is some faint writing in pencil on the thumb that cannot be read.
[Pressed flower]
Pressed leaf and flower bud that was probably included in the letter from Alice McGee to Charles, Mary, and Linnet Moore of June 23, 1890. In that letter Alice McGee writes "I send you a piece [of] Grandma's Mother Hubbard...."
[Fabric Samples]
Three fabric samples. The first is brown and white with red and black circles. The second is light brown and white striped with small blue accents. The third is dark brown.
[Fabric from Dinkie to Bettie and Sissie, June 28, 1878]
Piece of fabric that Dinkie used for her dress, to show Bettie and Sissie.
[Fabric sample from Alice McGee's dress]
Fabric sample from Alice McGee's dress.
[Fabric from Matilda Dodd to Linnet, October 9, 1884]
Pieces of fabric of Birdie's dresses.
[Blank Slip of Paper]
A small blank slip of paper.
[Blank Slip of Paper]
A blank slip of paper.