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[Letter from J. C. Barr to C. B. Moore, April 22, 1877]

Description: Barr is talking about an advertising sheet that Moore wrote on that he found interesting. He asks about damages and if someone is going to visit. He mentions that everyone is well. Abner's son is not well with a fever. It has been really wet, and they have been unable to work on their corn. He has cut wood and a garden planted. He were able to sell 700 bushels of corn at 39 cents, 400 bushels of wheat at $1.41. He is hoping for no war in the east because of property damage. He hopes they write back soon.
Date: April 22, 1877
Creator: Barr, J. C.
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[Postcard from John C. Barr]

Description: Postcard sent from John C. Barr in Jerseyville, IL to Charles B. Moore giving a brief overview of recent events. Mr. Barr notes a visit from a friend and the ripening of fruit plants. Two notes on the front of the card read: "Received May 8 1874" and "4th. 1 inch rain last night."
Date: May 3, 1874
Creator: Barr, John C.
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[Letter from George Bratney to Mary, December 17, 1875]

Description: George hasn't written back because he became sick with Typhoid fever in August and now has the strength to write back. He would like to spend the holidays with Mary in her new home. He still lives in York and because of that was able to go to his brother's wedding. He is going to work on his farm for a time and then decide if the married life is for him. He wants to write her every few days but can't afford it. He is thinking of moving to Texas for the better climate and company.
Date: December 17, 1875
Creator: Bratney, George
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[Receipt of Levi Perryman and W. A. Morris, September 24, 1879]

Description: Three receipts, one of W. A. Morris and two of Levi Perryman. W. A. Morris received %5.40 for clerk costs in case No. 512. Levi Perryman received through W. A. Morris $2.60 for clerk costs in case No. 521 and $4.80 for clerk costs in case No. 523. All receipts are signed by the District Clerk R. E. Brown.
Date: September 24, 1879
Creator: Brown, R. E.
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[Letter from George B. Buckler to Charles B. Moore, November 7, 1873]

Description: Letter from George Buckler? saying that he had fallen off a wagon and was unable to come into town. He was no longer able to work as a teacher because the government was too unreliable to pay him a salary. He was owed for three months work already and the pay would only be $50.00 in greenbacks which was not enough remuneration.
Date: November 7, 1873
Creator: Buckler, George B.
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