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[Letter from Claude D. White to Linnet Moore]

Description: Letter from Claude White to Linnet Moore in which he he says that the hotel gave out his room when he was late returning. He said he acquired an alarm clock so that he could get to the train on time. He updates her on the health of his family. He asks for an update on her buggy.
Date: August 9, 1901
Creator: White, Claude D.
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[Letter from Newt to Claude D. White and Family, February 9, 1916]

Description: Letter to Claude D. White and family from Newt regarding a change in recent fashion and a business deal Claude made. Newt writes that he does not see the benefit of the shorter skirts being worn by women and he goes into detail on the amount of rent Claude is obtaining from his farm and what he is paying in interest.
Date: February 9, 1916
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[Letter from M. C. Vanter to Linnet Moore, May 9, 1898]

Description: In this letter, Vanter discusses with Moore he planned visit to Fort Worth. Vanter apologizes for not being able to visit Moore as last summer and urges Moore to write to her to let her know when school is out. During the trip to Fort Worth, Vanter plans on paying Moore and Visit. She details that an illness prevented her from visiting last summer. Vanter ask about Moore family and states that she hopes they are all well. She also asks about friends and Moore's kin and states that she may not know anybody there as it has been a while since she has visited. She inquires about Mr. Drury and closes the letter. She notes that she hopes to hear from Linnet soon. The envelope is included with the letter.
Date: May 9, 1898
Creator: Vanter, M. C.
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[Letter from Charles B. Moore to Mary Ann Moore, September 9, 1898]

Description: This is a letter from the Charles B. Moore Collection. In this letter, Moore discusses the goings-on during his trip to Colorado. He details to Mary Ann that they received her letter yesterday and are, at present, writing letter to her and to friends back home. He mentions that he has received correspondence from Tom and Stella from Salt Lake and from their return trip from Salt Lake which found them again in Manitou. He thanks Mary Ann and Laura Jernigan for taking care of the home front while he and Linnet experience Colorado. He notes what he and Linnet have been up to while in Grand Junction. Moore discusses the kin they have visited and stayed with who live in or near Grand Junction. He also discusses society in Colorado and how women are more self-reliant and have the right to vote. The plans are to leave Grand Junction in a few days for Manitou then Denver. He notes that Tom has sent word that Manitou is deserted at present and also sent Charles a Dall Morning newspaper. He closes the letter by telling Mary Ann to direct her next letter to Manitou and that he will travel to the post office soon. The envelope is included with the letter.
Date: September 9, 1898
Creator: Moore, Charles B.
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[Letter from Birdie and Dinkie McGee to Alice, Linnet, Aunt Mollie and Uncle Charles, February 9, 1890]

Description: Birdie mentions all the people that came over to visit and what Will got her. She mentions the weather they have had and was sorry to hear they were sick. She asks if Alice still pulls hair and that they would write her and Bessie and Mattie. In the letter to her Aunt and Uncle she mentions the weather and what her other Aunts and Uncles have been doing. In Dinkie's letter to Alice she says how happy she is to hear they are doing well. She mentions that their health is also doing well. She had many visitors. She went to town the other day and got some fabric, a dress other things. She mentions the weather and says she hasn't seen Mat R. Miss Nicie is getting married. She asks Linnet to take care of Alice. She is also going to send Alice some money.
Date: February 9, 1890
Creator: McGee, Birdie & McGee, Dinkie
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[Letter to Charles B. Moore, September 1861]

Description: Letter to Charles B. Moore from an unknown sender discussing recent news of family and friends, farming, and news related to the war and military preparations. The letter was written over several days from September 9, 1861 to September 15th.
Date: September 9, 1861
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[Letter from Laura Jernigan to Mary Moore, June 9, 1907]

Description: Letter to Mary Moore from Laura Jernigan. She feels bad for not writing, but has been unable to because she was unwell. She spent some time with Jim and Belle. Jackson is trying to sell his farm. She wants to leave McKinney and is inviting Mary to go with her. She talks about the other people that are going to leave. She mentions the weather.
Date: June 9, 1907
Creator: Jernigan, Laura
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[Letter from Birdie McKinley to Mary Moore, Claude and Linnet White, September 9, 1907]

Description: Letter from Birdie McKinley to Mary Moore, Claude and Linnet White. She says they are doing well, except Lillian had a short sick spell. Will wants to sell their house in Gallatin. She went to the fair with Will and Bessie. Mollie Love died. Sh wishes they would come visit her. She met up with John Wood at the fair. She mentions how some people are doing. She talks about the fruit she wants and the rain they need. Mr. Lawrence stayed with them. One of her pigs got killed by a train. She has been so busy she hasn't been able to finish the letter. She was reminded of Will and wonders about Mattie and Henry. She hopes she will have news the next time she writes and can't wait for their next letter. She encloses a picture of Will that Aunt B had. There is a drawing on the back of the envelope.
Date: September 9, 1907
Creator: McKinley, Birdie
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[Letter from Earl P. Hopkins to Claude D. White, September 9, 1908]

Description: Letter from Earl P. Hopkins, President of the Washington Civil Service School, to Claude D. White regarding some training materials that should have been sent to him. The letter is typed on the school's letterhead. mMr. White is taking correspondence courses through the school to prepare for a civil service examination. Included with the letter is a small piece of paper with a notice that student numbers must be put on each test so that it can be graded. The envelope that the letter was sent in is addressed to Mr. Claude D. White, McKinney, Texas, and it is postmarked Washington, D. C., September 9, 1908. There is also a return envelope included that is addressed to Earl P. Hopkins, Pres., 507 E Street, N. W., Washington, D. C.
Date: September 9, 1908
Creator: Hopkins, Earl P.
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[Letter from H. S. Moore to Charles, Mary, and Linnet Moore , August 9, 1889]

Description: The author went to the post office in vain. She mentions Aunt Jill is unwell. She finally saw Davidsons comet. The author is also improving in archery. Tom Wilson was killed. He received the letter to Gross in Melissa and can't respond until the next day. Aunt Jill has gotten better. He gives some news from Kingston. He talks about the picnics in Melissa. He talks about opening an archery. He talks about work on a well.
Date: August 9, 1889
Creator: Moore, H. S.
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