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[Letter from Adelitia McGee and Matilda Dodd to the Moore family and Alice McGee, November 24, 1889]

Description: This is a letter from the Charles B. Moore Collection. It was written by Adelitia "Dinkie" McGee and Matilda Dodd. In this letter, Dinkie and Matilda update the Moore family and Alice on the goings-on in Gallatin, Tennessee. The news includes: community news, a dialogue about the weather, a discussion on the health of family and friends, and details on Dinkie's butter and egg venture. She closes her letter by mentioning Bettie's dress as well as her own dress and details that she is sending a swatch. She also states that Birdie is upset with Alice for not writing her and only writing the boys. In Matilda's letter, she informs the Moore family of the happenings in Sumner County and the news includes: updates on the weather, news about the hogs, a dialogue about the health of family and friends, a discussion about Matilda's new bed springs, and details about Alice, Linnet, and Birdie. She closes this brief letter by noting that the Moore family and Alice should write soon. The envelope is included with the letter.
Date: November 24, 1889
Creator: McGee, Adelitia & Dodd, Matilda
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Letter from Dinkie McGee and William Dodd to C. B. Moore, February 24, 1888]

Description: William hopes that Linnet has recovered from whooping cough. None of the kids have come down with whooping cough yet and he has to worry about measles going around. He received a letter from Tobe and Florence. He mentions the weather and the crops being planted. He also mentions the people who have died. Em's daughter who got married moved away. Dinky says they are all well except for Willie who has a bad cold. She went to town for some errands. She gives some advice for Linnet and wishes they were with her. She mentions that Mr.Campbell is moving to Nashville.
Date: February 24, 1888
Creator: McGee, Dinkie & Dodd, William
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Letter from Henry S. Moore to Charles B. Moore, August 24-27, 1885]

Description: This is a letter from the Charles B. Moore Collection. It is a three part letter written by Henry S. Moore. In the first letter, Henry notes that he has received Charles' letter and that all is well. He details a terrible nose bleed he experienced and mentions that Sabina went on a trip with George and Serena to Hunt Co. Henry discusses the success of a camp meeting, the prohibition boom, and details on the politics of the prohibition party. He furthers this discussion by noting the politics of the democratic and saloonist party, and how these parties affect the chances of victory for the prohibition party. The conversation moves on from politics to a brief note on the weather and then moves to a letter which was sent from E. E. Barnard regarding a comet. Barnard details in his letter the approximate location the comet could be found in the night sky but fears that once the moon moves out of the way, it will be difficult, almost impossible, to view it. He updates Charles on news on family, friends,the community,and agricultural endeavors such as the purchase of land, the condition of cattle and crops as well as the price of wheat. In the second letter, dated August 25, 1885, Henry updates Charles on the weather and informs him that he has planted turnip seeds, but does not have any hopes for a abundant harvest. He states the the prohibition party intends to publish a newspaper. Henry mentions the papers that are published and publication's political affiliation. The topic of the discussion continues with politics and Henry tells Charles that the prohibition party may have some affect with the democratic majority currently in Texas. He details that a family friends has returned from a trip to Eureka Springs, ...
Date: August 24, 1885
Creator: Moore, Henry S.
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[Letter from J. C. Barr to C. B. Moore, March 24, 1882]

Description: He says that they haven't heard from them in a while and were happy to hear that they were doing well. Mary was expecting $100 from her uncle Same Wallace's estate. He is sorry that the estate is going to the courts to be settled. He has had a cold for the past three weeks and hopes he is almost over it. He mentions that all of the relatives are well and there have been five deaths in the city. He mentions that the roads aren't good and they have started plowing oats. J. Knox Smith has consumption. He says the wheat looks well considering the problems they had in the fall. They have had hay, corn, oats, and bran delivered to the county for home demands. He has irish potatoes from Ireland and Scotland on sale. He asks that they write soon and sends his regards.
Date: March 24, 1882
Creator: Barr, J. C.
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[Letter from Matilda Dodd to Mary Ann and Charles B. Moore, May 24, 1888]

Description: This letter is from the Charles B. Moore Collection. It is written by Mary Ann Moore's mother, Matilda Dodd. A note at the top of the letter details that Birdie and Alice have been at Aunt Bettie's for a week and that the school has employed two teachers. She stresses that Birdie want to see Linnet very badly. In the letter, Matilda updates the Moore family on the happening in Gallatin and the news includes: a note on the letter that was sent to Abe and Bettie Franklin from the Moore family, family health updates, details on William Dodd's trip to Kentucky, news about Bettie's complaint about another "spell" and how she has been overworking herself, an update on the weather and the lack of rain, a dialogue about Tobe and what he has been up to lately, a discussion on how the weather has not seem to have affected the plants and fruit trees as much as expected, a dialogue about a photograph of Willie Bratney that was sent to the Moore family, a brief on correspondence received from a family member, news on the many deaths this spring, a dialogue on the future visits of family, details on the weather and that it has rained the next day the letter was started on May the twenty fifth, updates on Dinky and Will's gardening endeavors, a discussion of what fruits are available for preserves and for baking, and a note on Dinky's poultry and the amount of butter she has to sell. Matilda closes the letter by stating that she hopes the Moore family could visit and for the family to write to her soon.
Date: May 24, 1888
Creator: Dodd, Matilda
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections