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[Envelope addressed to Mrs. Mary Moore, March 15, 1880]

Description: An envelope address to Mrs. Mary Moore, Melissa, Collin County, Texas. A postal stamp on the front reads: "Waco, TX; Mar 15, 7PM." A stamp on the back reads: "Melissa, COllin CO., Texas; Mar 18, 1880." Another stamp on the front is from a libery stable in Waco, TX.
Date: March 15, 1880
Creator: Dego, Mary Morgan & Marchale, Reia
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[Envelope from Bettie Franklin to Charles B. Moore, March 1880]

Description: An envelope addressed to C. B. Moore, Meliisa Collin County, Texas. A postal mark on the front reads: "Gallatin, Tenn; Mar [] 1880." On the back, a postal mark reads: "Melissa, Collin Co., Texas; Mar 14 [1880]." A handwritten note on the front reads: "Betty Franklin; Received March []; 1880."
Date: March 1880
Creator: Franklin, Bettie
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[Indemnity Bond, March 25, 1880]

Description: Indemnity Bond in the case of B. s. Harper vs. Lewis Farrow, in Grayson County, Texas, for the sum of $50.05. The document directs Levi Perryman, sheriff of Montague county to seize property to sureties to guarantee payment by Mr. Farrow to Mr. Harper.
Date: March 25, 1880
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[Letter from Dinkie, Willie and Alice McGee to Charles and Mollie Moore, Marach 25, 1883]

Description: Dinkie says that they are all doing well, except Sissie who is unwell. She had tried gardening, but it has been really cold. John Rutledge is sick, Lizzie Wallace's son is well, Mrs. Allison will not live long, Mrs. Harper is sick and Laura Dorris has consumption. Bessie and Bettie are doing well. The wheat does not look good this year anywhere. She is going to sell butter and eggs. She has a lot of sewing to do and needs to make soap. Birdie says that she is writing to Linnet and Uncle Charlie. Dinkie asks that they write soon. Willie writes that he made a cradle and wagon for his Aunt Florence. His sister Alice has been unwell. He is going to trim the orchard for his grandfather. He is also milking cows. He mentions that telephone wires are being put up. He wishes he could see Linnet. Alice writes that she has been sick, but has been helping out as well. She was milking cows and making butter to sell. Birdie and Alice wish they could play with Linnet and Willie made himself a tool chest.
Date: March 25, 1883
Creator: McGee, Dinkie; McGee, Willie & McGee, Alice
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[Letter from Dinkie, Willie, and Alice McGee to Charles and Mollie Moore, March 31, 1882]

Description: Dinkie is suffering from neuralgia in her head. Birdie had a cough and she visited Abe and Bettie and her parents. She also visited Mrs. Summers and Miss Mal. She has fourteen chicks and a hen that won't set eggs. Henry hasn't planted corn yet because it has been raining so much. She wishes Birdie and Linnet could be together. Ike Jones is working for them. She has irish potatoes and peas. Alice Donnell came to visit and mentioned that Old Bill had gone to Texas. Her head hurts so she ask that they write back soon and send a picture of Linnet. Willie mentions that everyone is doing well. Polk Elliot is sick and he made him a wagon. He mentions his mother's chicks and his Uncle Abe wants him to drop corn for him. He used the file that his Uncle Charlie gave him, but had to get it replaced. His Uncle Tobe's wheat is knee high. His Aunt Florence's brother died when she got home. He made a latch and gate for the wood file and he asks that they write soon. Alice writes that she received two calico aprons from her grandmother. She wants to see Linnet and her and Birdie go hunting for eggs.
Date: March 31, 1882
Creator: McGee, Dinkie; McGee, Willie & McGee, Alice
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[Letter from J. C. Barr to C. B. Moore, March 24, 1882]

Description: He says that they haven't heard from them in a while and were happy to hear that they were doing well. Mary was expecting $100 from her uncle Same Wallace's estate. He is sorry that the estate is going to the courts to be settled. He has had a cold for the past three weeks and hopes he is almost over it. He mentions that all of the relatives are well and there have been five deaths in the city. He mentions that the roads aren't good and they have started plowing oats. J. Knox Smith has consumption. He says the wheat looks well considering the problems they had in the fall. They have had hay, corn, oats, and bran delivered to the county for home demands. He has irish potatoes from Ireland and Scotland on sale. He asks that they write soon and sends his regards.
Date: March 24, 1882
Creator: Barr, J. C.
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[Letter from Laura Jernigan to Charles and Mary Moore, March 8, 1883]

Description: She was glad to hear from them and will try to write back. Jackson planted irish potatoes and he/she planted mustard, radishes, beets, lettuce and risked planting pear. She writes what they had for dinner. She says they are doing well except for colds. There are cases of mumps and measles in the county and Jimmie and Auntie too. She received news that Add Nimmo died from Mr. Wallace. Jinnie also wrote them and said everyone was doing well, except Mat Winham who she doesn't expect to live long. Mr. Austin lost employment, but now works in retail. Hooper visited Jinnie and from what they could see he has been sober for a while. She went with Jackson and his sister Nan to Pilot Grove. She would like to hear from Betty and the old neighborhood. Austin fell in a fire and died, he willed everything to his wife. She made soap. Jim is all over Lizzie. She mentions that the wheat and peaches are looking good. She asks that they write soon of when they are coming and how they are doing.
Date: March 8, 1883
Creator: Jernigan, Laura
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[Letter from Laura Jernigan to H. Moore, March 5, 1888]

Description: She mentions that it is still raining and they can't do much work because of it. She is writing, but has nothing to say other than mentioning the weather. George Turner left and got as far as Cannon. George's wife was concerned he hadn't come home all day. The Colonel has sore eyes, but everyone else is doing fine. She has plenty of eggs and beef, but is running out of flour. One of her milk cows gave birth and the calf is doing well. She will be short on milk because of the calf. Phippen received the problems and is working on on them. She wants to play a trick on C.B. Moore about her twin calves. The Colonel was helping Phippen on the problems. Colonel asks a way to get the answers for the problems. Ben Shirley has been sick, thus neglecting his cattle. She tells him what has been happening to Old Man Smith. She talks about getting Jim new clothes. They might not have a school teacher for the spring. She has not heard about her relatives in Tennessee and can't wait to hear from him again.
Date: March 5, 1888
Creator: Jernigan, Laura
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[Letter from Laura Jernigan to Henry Moore, March 27. 1887

Description: Letter from Laura Jernigan discusses how well her garden is doing and talks about her children going to the new schoolhouse in Cannon. The family is boarding the teacher and they are getting along well. There is a new jail in town. The town has a new paper, the Educational Journal, and the debate and literary society recently debated the subject of how prohibition would benefit the state of Texas. Includes original envelope.
Date: March 27, 1887
Creator: Jernigan, Laura
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[Letter from Matilda Dodd and Dinkie McGee to Mary and Charles B. Moore, March 8, 1885]

Description: Letter from Matilde Dodd to Mary and Charles B. Moore in which she gives news on the children in the family. She says that Abe has been working in town. The weather is cold and has killed off the wheat and other things that were planted during a brief warm period. She writes about recent illnesses among family and friends. Then discusses a mad (rabid?) dog. Dinkie McGee writes a page of the letter. She discusses the weather; the health of Birdie and Willie McGee; and that she plans to make aprons. William Dodd added a note at the end of the letter. Birdie added a note to Linnet saying that this was her "...birthday. I am five years old."
Date: March 8, 1885
Creator: McGee, Dinkie & Dodd, Matilda
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[Letter from William and Matilda Dodd to Charles B. Moore and Mary Ann Dodd Moore,March 21 and 22, 1880]

Description: The first page and a half of the letter is from Matilda Brantley Dodd to her daughter, Mary Ann Dodd Moore, and son-in-law, Charles B. Moore. It talks about the weather, Betty Franklin's health, and Matilda's grandchildren. There is also news about the birth of Dinky's daughter. The last half page of the letter is written by William Dodd on March 22.
Date: March 21, 1880
Creator: Dodd, Matilda Brantley & Dodd, William
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