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[Letter to Linnet White, August 7, 1917]

Description: Letter to Linnet White discussing business and recent news. It is signed "Dubbie." "L. B. Price Merc. Co." is printed at the bottom of the page. There is an envelope addressed to Mrs. Claude D. White in Manitou, Colorado. The return address is P.O. Box 1096, Fort Worth, Texas. It is postmarked Fort Worth, Texas August 8, 1917.
Date: August 7, 1917
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[Letters from Lula Dalton to Linnet Moore, April 15-18, 1899]

Description: This is a letter from the Charles B. Moore Collection. It is written by Lula Dalton and is addressed to Linnet. In this letter, Lula details for Linnet the goings-on in Burnet, Texas. She discusses rainy weather they have been having, memories about Cuckle Burr Hill, updates about friends and their plans, sad news about a friend's death, and a dialogue about going riding with Flora. She details the prayer meeting they attended and how she accepted Jim's invitation to walk her home. She tells Linnet about her trip to Aunt Mat's and that is planning on visiting Linnet and staying for some time. She hopes that the two of them can go to Colorado together. Lula begins another letter the next night, Sunday April 16, 1899. In this letter, Lula continues to update Linnet on the goings-on in Burnet since Linnet's departure. She details what she did on that Sunday and also mentions past happenings with her family. She notes that she has made alterations to her sailor shirt, plans to go to Georgetown for Commencement,needs to make a cake for the Baptist supper, and discusses a conversation she and Jim had about Linnet. The remaining pages of the letter detail friends and town gossip. She closes this letter by noting that she must write to Mr. Taylor and hopes that Linnet has a goodnight. In a letter, written on Tuesday April 18, 1899, Lulu details the events which occurred Monday and they include: baking for the Baptist dinner, going to the depot to welcome the soldiers home, and attending the Baptist dinner. She also notes that she has received her handkerchiefs and is thinking of going to Austin to purchase clothing. She mentions they have planted their garden and closes the letter, wishing Linnet a goodnight.
Date: April 15, 1899
Creator: Dalton, Lula
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Transcript of Letter from Henry S. Moore to Charles B. Moore, October 27, 1844]

Description: Transcript of a letter from Henry S. Moore to Charles B. Moore regarding political meetings Henry attended for the upcoming presidential election and his opinion about presidential candidate Polk's prospects. He wrote about local news involving marriage, illness, and weather and a song he heard at one of the meetings.
Date: unknown
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[Typed Letter, August 10, 1917]

Description: Typed letter dated August 10, 1917. It is addressed to "My dear Kiddies" and signed "Lovingly Dubbie," and it discusses plans for the writer's upcoming trip to Pueblo and recent news from friends. There is a note written in pencil on the back which says "Colorado letters Aug 1917." The letter mentions that a friend, Mrs. Banard, was "wanting to know how you and Ruthe were," which suggests that the letter is probably from Claude D. White to his wife and daughter, Linnet and Ruth, who have been traveling in Colorado around this time, according to other letters in the collection. There is a letterhead that says "The L.B. Price Mercantile Company Price Building Forth Worth, Tex."
Date: August 10, 1917
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[Undated postcard from M. Dorothy Dodd to Mary Moore]

Description: A postcard from M. Dorothy Dodd in Kansas City, Missouri, to Mary Moore. Dodd writes to say that she left Gallatin and hopes to enjoy the "western atmosphere" in Kansas City. She mentions that all are well in Gallatin, and that "Sister" is recovering from a long illness. The postcard, postmarked September 6, is addressed to Mrs. Mary A. Moore in Fort Worth, Texas, Box 52.
Date: unknown
Creator: Dodd, M. Dorothy
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections