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31 Men With Vision

Description: In 1892, thirty-one men petitioned the Treasury Department in Washington, D.C. for the right to form a national bank in Denton, Texas. The booklet contains photographs of the thirty-one men and a brief history of Denton County National Bank's conception and first seventy-five years of operation.
Date: 1967-01~
Creator: Drenner, William E.
Partner: Denton Public Library

50 Selected Recipes by 50 Denton Women

Description: Cookbook compiled by members of the Central Presbyterian Church of Denton, Texas. The cookbook contains 50 recipes from Denton women and advertisements for local companies.
Date: unknown
Creator: Young People's Organization of the Central Presbyterian Church
Partner: Denton Public Library

[1890] Denton Business Review and Directory

Description: This Denton business review was published as a guide for the farmers and residents of Denton county outside of the city. The directory includes descriptions of Denton's agricultural resources, commercial advantages, and business institutions.
Date: May 1890
Partner: Denton Public Library

1894 Denton Business Directory and Handy Guide

Description: This business directory of Denton county includes business advertisements and information regarding updates in the county circa 1894.
Date: 1894~
Creator: Colville, J.M.
Partner: Denton Public Library

The 1971 Miss Denton Pageant

Description: Book contains information about the Denton Jaycees and their Miss Denton Pageant. Photographs of the Denton Jaycees chairmen are included. Several advertisements for Denton area business and the photographs of pageant contestants are also included.
Date: 1971
Creator: Denton Jaycees
Partner: Denton Public Library

52nd Annual Convention State Firemen's Association of Texas

Description: This program contains information about the Denton Fire Department, a biographical sketch about W. J. Austin, descendant of Stephen F. Austin and former president of the State Firemen's Association, a list of officers and members of the Denton Fire Department, and several photographs of firemen and their equipment. The booklet also contains information about the mayor and city officials of Denton in 1928, a photograph of Denton city hall, a photograph of Godwin Hotel, and the schedule of events for the annual convention of the State Firemen's Association of Texas. Some information about other Denton County fire departments is included. The program also contains several advertisements for Texas and Denton County businesses.
Date: 1928-06-12~
Creator: State Firemen's Association of Texas
Partner: Denton Public Library

[Booklet to accompany Clason's Guide Map of Texas]

Description: Booklet contains information about Texas including the populations of many of the cities and counties in Texas according to the 1910 Census. The locations in the booklet are keyed to correspond with Clason's Guide Map of Texas.
Date: 1910?/1919?
Partner: Denton Public Library


Description: The official program for Denton's centennial celebration on April 21-27, 1957 contains information about the events week, a brief history of Denton's foundation and progress, a map of Denton in 1957, and several advertisements for local organizations. Several photographs of early Denton County scenes, various historical markers, early buildings of North Texas State College and Texas State College for Women, and other mentionable landmarks are included.
Date: 1957-04~
Creator: Denton Centennial Commision
Partner: Denton Public Library

Charter of the City of Denton, Texas

Description: The Charter of the City of Denton, Texas as adopted April 4, 1914 with amendments adopted July 29, 1919.
Date: 1919~
Partner: Denton Public Library

College Bulletin, Number 19, August, 1907

Description: According to the Announcement on page 2, "This issue of the Bulletin is intended to illustrate some of the practical features of the courses offered at the College of Industrial Arts." This bulletin includes photographs of students and campus buildings.
Date: August 1907
Creator: College of Industrial Arts
Partner: Texas Woman's University

College Bulletin, Number 28, December, 1909

Description: This bulletin includes calendars, lists of important people, and articles written about the school including articles published in the Fort Worth Star, Fort Worth Record, Denton Record and Chronicle, Houston Chronicle, Kansas City Journal, and Clay's Review.
Date: December 1909
Creator: College of Industrial Arts
Partner: Texas Woman's University

College Bulletin, Number 95, November 1, 1921

Description: This bulletin includes two outlines titled, "Woman's Citizenship Problems" and, "Americanization" as well as a forward at the beginning and suggested reading at the end.
Date: November 1, 1921
Creator: Texas State College for Women. College of Industrial Arts.
Partner: Texas Woman's University

College Bulletin, Number 105, September 1, 1923

Description: This bulletin outlines the work of the Department of Extension for the College of Industrial Arts and describes the ways in which the college includes the community in educational and recreational activities.
Date: November 1, 1923
Creator: College of Industrial Arts
Partner: Texas Woman's University

[Denton Community Theater presents "Bus Stop"]

Description: The program for "Bus Stop" presented by the Denton Community Theater contains advertisements for Denton area businesses including banks, grocers, pharmacies, auto dealers, insurance agencies, general stores. The program also lists the cast, a synopsis of the scenes, special credits, board of directors, patrons, and the production and business staff.
Date: 1973-11~
Creator: Inge, William
Partner: Denton Public Library

Denton County Brands

Description: The booklet contains a collection of many of the livestock brands used to identify cattle, horses, sheep, and goats by early Denton County Ranchers.
Date: unknown
Creator: Western National Bank of Denton
Partner: Denton Public Library

Denton High School Twentieth Annual Commencement Program 1905

Description: The twentieth annual commencement of Denton High School was held at Wright's Opera House on May 22, 1905. The program also contains information about the baccalaureate service, the names of the graduates, an order of services, and a list of faculty and board of trustees.
Date: 1905~
Partner: Denton Public Library

Denton High School Twentieth Annual commencement program 1905

Description: The Denton High School class of 1905 commencement was held at Wright's Opera House on Monday, May 22, 1905. This program includes information regarding the baccalaureate sermon, the names of the graduates, an order of services, the board of trustees, and the high school faculty.
Date: 1905-05-22~
Creator: Witherspoon, C.F.
Partner: Denton Public Library

Denton Jaycee-ettes, 1956-1957, Yearbook

Description: Yearbook of Denton Jaycee-ettes includes the creed of the group, lists of officers and members, social calendar, constitution, and by-laws.
Date: 1957
Creator: Denton Jaycee-ettes
Partner: Texas Woman's University

The Denton Kindergarten Association

Description: The year book or announcement of the Denton Kindergarten Association and Mothers' Meetings includes a course of study, a list of officers and board of directors, an introductory statement, a list of meetings, agenda, and a constitution.
Date: unknown
Partner: Denton Public Library

Denton Telephone Directory: Sept. 1924

Description: Denton Telephone Directory includes numbers and advertisements for businesses in Denton and the surrounding area. The North Texas Telephone Company published the directory in September 1924.
Date: September 1924
Creator: North Texas Telephone Company
Partner: Denton Public Library

Famous in the West

Description: Cunningham provided information about El Paso, Texas in the late nineteenth century. He also wrote about early settlers, marshals, and criminals of the west in that time period. He wrote about "Billy the Kid," First Sergeant James B. Gillett, Tom Threepersons, Dallas Stoudenmire, John Wesley Hardin, and others.
Date: 1925~
Creator: Cunningham, Eugene
Partner: Denton Public Library