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Normal College

Description: Group of school children from the Normal College. Those identified on the back of the mount: Louise Medlin Gibson, Henry Medlin, Alice Lively, Nora Atchison, Annie Kessell, Elle McMurray, Mary Alexander, Professor Crumley, Albert Keith, Lula Blewett, Georgia Carruth, Nora Carpenter, Sula Abney, Robbie Davis, Nora Jones, George Rayzor, Lee Arnold, Walter Piner, Frank Boner, Charlie Medlen, Sam Keith.
Date: 1890~
Partner: Denton Public Library

Gober Family

Description: Family photo of the Gober family in front of a frame house. Pictured from left-to-right are: Mattie Gober Curry, Julia Gober Wright, Arcania Gober Wright, Mary Camp Gober, John W. Gober, William Gober, Gus Gober, J. S. J. Gober, Otis E. Gober. Two framed signs on the outside of the house say, "Home Sweet Home" and "Trust in God." A note written on the back of the photos says" Aunt Kanie married Bob Wright; Mattie married Wesley Curry; Otis married Elvira McCracken; J.S.J. married Ida McCracken; Gus married (no name); Marmaduke was brother of W. C. Wright. The name Effie is handwritten at the top, so we assume that the photo belonged to Effie Wright.
Date: 1891
Creator: Chism Bros.
Partner: Denton Public Library

1891. Announcement of Closing Exercises of Texas Normal College

Description: Announcement and invitation to the closing exercises and commencement at Texas Normal College in Denton, Texas in 1891. The closing exercises include a musicale by students of the Department of Music on June 17, exercises by the Scientific Class on June 18, and annual commencement and presentation of diplomas on June 19.
Date: 1891-06-10~
Creator: Texas Normal College
Partner: Denton Public Library

Exchange National Bank Pay to Sheriff Callahan

Description: Check from Exchange National Bank to Sheriff Callahan for 4.50 dollars on September 27, 1892. A note below the amount says, "to cover cost in work case." The check is signed by "Jagoe & Ponder." In 1892, W. A. Ponder was Vice President of the Exchange National Bank. There are two signatures on the back of the check for J. M. Jones and Sheriff Callahan.
Date: September 27, 1891
Creator: Exchange National Bank
Partner: Denton Public Library

Exchange National Bank Pay to Denton Mill

Description: Check from Exchange National Bank to Denton Mill & Co. for 8.34 dollars on October 22, 1891. The note above the amount says, "for J. W. Jagoe wheat account." The check is signed by Jagoe & Ponder. In 1892, W. A. Ponder was Vice President of the Exchange National Bank.
Date: October 22, 1891
Partner: Denton Public Library

Lou Hann and Her Art Class

Description: Portait of Lou Hann and her art class, five individuals standing behind four sitting. They are identified as (top row, left-to-right) Lula Blewett, Zilpha Eads, Effie Wright, Myrtle Bacon, Clara Hann, (bottom row, left-to-right) Myrtle Wright, Lou Hann, and Georgia Carruth.
Date: 1892
Partner: Denton Public Library

Group of Five Girls, One with a Guitar

Description: Group of five girls in dresses posing for the camera, one girl has a guitar. The girl sitting is identified as Mollie Street, the other girls are not distinguished but named, Jennie B., Duck G., Mattie H., and Daisy C. The four girls closest to the camera are facing the right while the girl in the far back is facing the camera.
Date: [1893, 1894]
Creator: Jones Photographic Studios of American.
Partner: Denton Public Library

Minnis, Madden & Co.

Description: Interior view of the Minnis,Madden & Co. Drug Store. Glass counters line all three visible sides of the store. Behind the counters are shelves which are filled with goods. Eight men are visible in the photograph, but only five are identified. From left: J. A. Madden (behind show case), unknown male, Dr. J. M. Inge, unknown male, unknown male, Fred Hutchinson, Mr. Shehay (first name unknown, listed as the "drug drummer"), J. A. Minnis. J. A. Minnis is behind the counter on the right. -Photograph was given to the Emily Fowler Library by Mrs. Fred (Bess) Minnis McFadden. The identifying information on this photograph says: Minnis and Curtis Drug Store, 1888; the information was written by Bess Minnis McFadden, daughter of J. A. Minnis, however, we think it is more likely that the photograph should be identified as Minnis, Madden & Co. and the time period should be around 1892-1894. This is based on the fact that the people listed on the back are Minnis & Madden and Curtis is not listed. Advertisements for Minnis, Madden & Co., are listed in the 1892 Denton County News and the 1894 business directory of Denton County. The History of Denton, Texas by C. A. Bridges, also lists the business and mentions it location as being on the south side of the square.
Date: 1892-1894?
Partner: Denton Public Library

Interior of Unidentified Grocery Store

Description: Photograph of five unidentified men standing in the back of a grocery store. There are glass counters on either side of the store with items above, below, and inside the glass. Shelving is also visible on the left side of the store, running the length of the wall and stacked full of goods.
Date: June 24, 1893
Partner: Denton Public Library