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[Atrium at the Emily Fowler Library]

Description: View of the west end of the atrium on the upper level of the Emily Fowler Library, Denton Public Library. Librarian Martha Edmundson is in the foreground on the left side of the image with an unidentified library patron. Unidentified individuals are visible on the far side of the atrium.
Date: 1982
Partner: Denton Public Library

[Emily Fowler Library, service desk]

Description: View of the Emily Fowler Library, Denton Public Library check-in desk taken from the ramp. There is an unidentified woman sitting at the check-out desk, an unidentified woman standing across from her, and an unidentified woman at the check-in desk flanked on either side by two unidentified young girls. The clock on the wall reads "10:34."
Date: 1982~
Partner: Denton Public Library