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Mary Camp Gober
Head-and-shoulders portrait of Mary Camp Gober, age 46, looking into the camera. In writing on the back of the photograph: "Mrs. Mary Camp Gober, mother of Mrs. W. C. Wright. Mama's photograph was taken in Atlanta, GA, May 2, 1872, Age 46 yrs, 2 months, 12 days. The first Confederate woman from Denton County to be enrolled in the Stone Mountain Book of Memory is Mrs. Mary Camp Gober. The name of Mrs. Gober is the 3rd from Texas to be entered in the Silver Book memorializing wives of Confederate soldiers." This appears to be a photograph taken of photograph. The original photographer is unknown, although the original date is listed on the back as indicated by the author. This duplicate was taken by J. T. Jones, a photographer in Denton, Texas in the 1890s, who photographed the original matted photo at an unknown time and mounted it on board.
[Unidentified woman posing in dress and bodice]
Photograph of a young woman posing in a form-fitting bodice and dress with high shoulders. An ornate brooch is pinned near her neck. A backdrop of a porch or gazebo is visible behind her.
Virgina Williams and Virginia McCormick
Studio portrait of Virginia Williams and Virginia McCormick.
[Portrait of early Texas family]
Photograph of an unidentified family in American Victorian attire. The man is wearing a three-piece suit with a tie. A young boy is sitting in his lap, and another is standing behind him. The woman is wearing a dark dress with a lacy scarf. Three girls are positioned around the woman and are wearing dresses with scarves.
Effie Wright in Costume
Portrait of Effie Wright in a costume with a pointed hat. She is holding open two white curtains and standing between them.
Ed Reed and Edgar Clark with Unidentified Man
Portrait of Ed Reed (on right), Belle Starr's son, and Edgar Clark of Denton, Texas, with an unidentified man on the left. They are standing by a wooden contraption and in front of a painted backdrop. Both men are wearing similar rings on their left ring fingers. According to the 1900 U.S. Census, Edgar Clark was born in May of 1870 and living with his widowed mother and siblings at the Clark home located at the corner of Center (which is now Carroll Blvd) and Mulberry streets in Denton, Texas. His occupation was listed as "bartender." James "Ed" Edwin Reed was born in California on February 22, 1871 to Myra Maybell Reed, who later became known as Belle Starr. He was shot and killed in Claremore, Indian Territory [Oklahoma], on December 14, 1896 while attempting to arrest two men - J. N. Clark and Joe Gibbs - charged with peddling whiskey. He was previously a deputy U.S. Marshall and was known for the killing of two outlaw brothers in Wagoner, Oklahoma: Zeke and Dick Crittendon. Ed Reed's notorious past included horse theft and stolen property in Fort Smith, Arkansas (c1889), and along with his brother, Russell, the murder of James Rich in Echo, Texas (1893). Reed later turned state's evidence in another case, was released and made into a deputy marshal [-Cherokee Advocate, Dec.19, 1896].
First Christian Church
Angled front view of First Christian Church located at 1203 N. Fulton. The church is angled so it recedes from the center of the frame back and to the left. The church was designed by O'Neil Ford.
St. David's Episcopal Church
St. David's Episcopal Church fills the right side of the frame, while trees fill the left. The church is located at 623 Ector.
First Baptist Church, Malone Street, Denton, TX
Photograph of the front side of First Baptist Church, Malone Street, Denton, Texas, receding at an angle into the back left of the frame.
50 Selected Recipes by 50 Denton Women
Cookbook compiled by members of the Central Presbyterian Church of Denton, Texas. The cookbook contains 50 recipes from Denton women and advertisements for local companies.
[Tank on Streets of Denton Square]
This photograph was taken after the announcement of the end of World War I. Unidentified onlookers admire a tank on the northeast side of the square. The building in the background is the southeast corner of the square. It housed the First State Bank. This building was torn down circa 1959-1960.
[Denton County Courthouse]
Photograph of the Denton County Courthouse in Texas. Trees obscure the building.
Group of Early Denton County Settlers Sitting on Courthouse Steps
Sixty men sitting on the steps the Denton County Courthouse, pictured were identified by W. L. McCormick, who submitted the names as part of a contest: 1)Thos. E. Fry, 2)J. R. Chambers, 3)E. Biggerstaff, 4)B. F. Paschall, 5)R. H. Hopkins, 6)W. S. Fry, 7)Wm. Howard, 8)I. N. Gamble, 9)B. Smith, 10)I. D. Ferguson, 11)W. C. Wright, 12)J. R. Sullivan, 13)G. S. Hammett, 14)W. J. Lacy, 15)C. W. Geers, 16)T. E. Wood (at Justin), 17)John Hedrick, 18)J. R. Edwards, 19)Brooks Beall, 20)F. E. Piner, 21)John Williams, 22)J. L. Randall (brick mason), 23)J. K. Holland, 24)unidentified, 25)Joe Chance, 26)Wiliam Phellps, 27)R. W. Pitman, 28)J. S. Chapman, 29)S. M. Simmons, 30) Nail (South of Denton), 31)J. R. McCormick, 32)C. C. Bell, 33)Dr. Chas Evertt, 34)Kirg Smith, 35)Sol. Carpenter, 36)Nathan Johnson, 37)Bush (brother of Dr. Bush), 38)Gus Claywell, 39)Hansard, 40)J. C. Parr, 41)Sam McKelvey, 42)Tab Bonds, 43) unidentified, 44)C. H. Jackson, 45)Tom Porter, 46)E. F. Kirkpatrick (former St. Comr.), 47)B. Neely, 48)Wm. Woods, 49)Tom Burge, 50) Mercer, 51)J. R. Templeton, 52)S. B. Tabor, 53)Jack Johnson, 54)A. Griffith, 55)J. M. Copley, 56)W. F. Egan, 57)James T. Cartwright, 58)Mrs. J. T. Cartwright, 59)W. G. McGaugay, 60)R. B. Anderson.
Fireworks at the Denton County Courthouse Celebrating the End of World War I
Fireworks at the Denton County Courthouse celebrating the end of World War I.
Streetcars No. 30 and No. 40 of the Denton Traction Company in Front of the Courthouse
The No. 30 and No. 40 Denton Traction Company streets cars in front of the Denton County Courthouse. The unidentified conductor for the No. 30 is standing next to the car and an unidentified passenger stands in the door. An unidentified passenger is standing in the door of the No. 40 car.
Confederate Veterans
Large group of unidentified men from "Sul-Ross Camp" number 129. The picture was taken in front of the Denton County Courthouse.
Courthouse on the Square
A photograph of the exterior of the Denton Courthouse.
Confederate Veterans
Large group of unidentified men who were soldiers in the Confederate Army, from Sul Ross Camp, no. 129. The photo was taken with the Denton County Courthouse as the backdrop.
J. N. Page
Full-length portrait of J. N. Page in a dark suit.
Unidentified Boy and Girl
Studio portrait of an unidentified boy and girl.
Mary Edna McGaughy
Baby portrait of Mary Edna McGaughy in a white dress.
Puppets at the Denton Public Library
Vicki Bleick, children's librarian, and Barbara Stevens, reference librarian, showing puppets at the Denton Public Library. They are holding up a poster which says: "Take a Giant Step Sponsored cooperatively by your library and the Texas State Library" On the floor in the bottom right corner of the image the top half of the cover of the children's book "That Cat!" is visible.
Morrison Milling Company
Exterior view of the Morrison's Milling Company factory. The sign on the top of the factory reads: "Morrison's Peacemaker Flour."
Z. Wiggs Sitting on a Culvert
Z. Wiggs sits on one of the culverts he built on Justin, Ponder, Krum Road. The road is unpaved and is flanked on both sides by open fields.
Z. Wiggs' Crew Building a Bridge
Z. Wiggs' crew building a bridge on Justin, Ponder, Krum Road located south of present-day Highway 380 between the Santa Fe railroad overpass and Ponder.
Wiggs Family on the Porch of their Home
Group portrait of the Wiggs family on the porch of a white frame house behind a white metal fence. Pictured are: Rua Wiggs, Ava Ida, Grace, Fred and his Wife, Lou, Mrs. Z. Wiggs, Noah, Z. Wiggs, Walter and his wife, Anna. The three unidentified childrn are Ida's sons and daughter.
Interior of Garrison's Drug Store
Interior of Garrison's Drug Store. There are two tables with four chairs each in the center of the store and either side of the store has glass cabinets filled with goods and shelves stacked full of items.
Satellite Image of Denton, Texas
Satellite photograph of Denton, Dallas, and Fort Worth, Texas, taken during the Apollo 6 mission.
Williams Family Picnic
Posed group photo taken at the Williams family picnic in Decatur, Texas. Pictured are Dr. P. Lipscomb, John Douglas, Will Williams, J. P. Magee, J. A. Long, Lee Williams, Effie Collins (Mrs. Ted Ponder), Lula Blewett, Lenora Hann, Effie Wright, Bertha Sauflev.
Williams Family Picnic
Posed group photo taken at the Williams family picnic in Decatur, Texas. Pictured are (back row, left-to-right) Dr. P. Lipscomb, Joe A. Long, Lula Blewett, Will Williams, and Lenora Hann, (two women in middle, from left-to-right) Lee Williams and Effie Wright, (bottom row, left-to-right) John Douglas, J.P."Pink" Magee, Bertha Saufley,and Effie Collins (Mrs. Ted) Ponder.
Williams Family on Christmas Day
Posed group photo taken on a porch of the Williams family on Christmas Day, 1925. None of the individuals are identified. The house number is 801. (Note House Number is actually 1801).
James Williams
Head-and-shoulders portrait of James Williams' right profile. James Williams is the oldest son of C. A. Williams
Lee Williams in an Owsley Rifles Uniform
Three quarters length portrait of Miss Lee Williams in an Owsley Rifles uniform.
Lee Williams
Portrait of Miss Lee Williams from the back with her head in profile and looking towards the right of the image.
Will Williams, Sr.
Head-and-shoulder portrait of Will Williams wearing a dark suit and looking into the camera.
Julia Ann Gober Wright
Julia Ann Gober Wright sitting outside in front of trimmed bushes. She is wearing a dark, full-length dress.
Julia Ann Gober Wright, Age 18
Three-quarters length portrait of Julia Ann Gober Wright, age 18, in a long, print dress.
West Side of the Denton Square
West side of the Denton Square. Visible businesses from the left to the right: C. M. Greenlee, Drug Store, H. J. Howell: Jeweler, Health Office, Houston Stiff Saloon, The Chronicle's offices, W. H. Cleveland Groceries, Carpets, J. B. Schmitz Furniture, Opera House, Carter and Benners Grocers, Land Office; A. D. Beaty, Tin Shop, C. F. Sanders and Company's Saddles and Harness.
Will Williams and Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Barns
Will Williams and Mr. and Mrs. R. M Barns in formal wear standing behind a counter together. There is a stack of wrapped gifts on the far right side of the counter.
Mrs. Will Williams
Portrait of Mrs. Will Williams in her wedding dress on her wedding day.
Will Williams, Jr.
Head-and-shoulders portrait of Will Williams, Jr. in a dark suit and tie and a white shirt.
Pink Magee, Frank Piner, Joe Long, John Douglas, Will Williams, and P. Lipscomb
Groups photo of five men in suits and hats. The men are (1) J. P. "Pink" Magee, (2) Frank Piner, (3) Joe Long, (4) John Douglas, (5) Will Williams, and Dr. P. Lipscomb (laying on the floor).
Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Wright
Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Wright standing beside a porch next to a brick house.
Mrs. W. C. Wright
Head-and-shoulders portrait of Mrs. W. C. Wright.
Julia Ann Gober Wright
Julian Ann Gober Wright sitting outside in front of trimmed bushes. She is wearing a dark, full-length dress.
Unidentified Individuals on Vacation in Mineral Wells
Mattie Lee Lacy with two men and six women, all unidentified, posing for the camera while on vacation in Mineral Wells. Mattie Lee Lacy is in the white striped dress. Two tents are visible, one on the right side of the frame and one in the background to the left. Written on the back in pencil: 1907 Written on the back in blue ink: Vacation at Mineral Wells 1097 Printed on the back of the photo: 4 Important Gateways 4 The Texas T and P Pacific Railway "No Trouble to Answer Questions." Best Passenger Service in Texas. E. P. Turner, G. P. A., Dallas, Texas.
Unidentified Man and Woman Standing in a Yard
Unidentified man and woman standing behind a round flower bed. The woman, on the left, is wearing a long dress, while the man is in a white shirt and dark tie and hat. To the left is a wooden picket fence and a cellar entrance is to the right.
R. G. Johnson
Head-and-shoulders portrait of R. G. "Uncle Bob" Johnson in a dark coat. He is facing towards and looking directly at the camera.
Luther Johnson
Head-and-shoulders portrait of Luther Johnson in a dark suit jacket with a white tie and shirt. His body is parallel to the camera, but his head is turned to the right.
Judge W. J. Austin
Group of unidentified individuals on the west side of Denton Square for the funeral procession of Judge W. J. Austin.