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Memorial of Annie Page's funeral

Description: This black and gold memorial in remembrance of Annie Page, who died on April 29th, 1918, includes decorations and a short poem.
Date: April 29, 1918
Partner: Denton Public Library

White House Cafe menu

Description: This White House Cafe menu displays their selection and prices for breakfast, steaks, sandwiches, and drinks. The White House Cafe was located at 505 S. Locust St. in Denton, Texas from c1938-1959. It was owned and operated by William Dorris Brown (1920-2017).
Date: 1945?
Creator: White House Cafe
Partner: Denton Public Library

"Diversified Denton" in Texas Parade issue November 1951

Description: This issue of the Texas Parade contains an article entitled "Diversified Denton" and includes information regarding John B. Denton, the city of Denton in general, North Texas State College, and Texas State College for Women. The article describes Denton's schools, agriculture, commerce, and other attractions circa 1951.
Date: November 1951
Creator: Hugh Williamson
Partner: Denton Public Library

Texas Grand State Farmers Alliance delegates certificate

Description: This delegates certificate includes the minutes of a meeting held on July 12th, 1886 in which the officers and representatives were selected. The certificate lists all of the representatives chosen.
Date: July 12, 1886
Partner: Denton Public Library

Sermon by Rev. William Holmes Baldridge

Description: A sermon written by Reverend William Holmes Baldridge, grandfather of Mrs. H. B. Loomis and Mrs. Willie C. Smith, is visible on a piece of paper. The sermon is on confidence in Christ for the Lasting Hope Congregation. The sermon was delivered in 1850 and is over 2nd Timothy 1 and 12.
Date: 1850~
Creator: William Holmes Baldridge
Partner: Denton Public Library

Memorial of Samuel Porter Allison's funeral

Description: This memorial of Samuel Porter Allison, whom died on April 21st, 1898, includes information regarding his funeral services.
Date: April 21, 1898
Partner: Denton Public Library

Program for fourth of July ball held in Opera House 1883

Description: This program for the Fourth of July ball that was held at the Opera House in Denton includes an order of dance, lists of committee members, and other information regarding the ball. The Graham Opera House was located on the west side of the square.
Date: July 4, 1883
Partner: Denton Public Library

Ju-cy Pig Stand menu

Description: The Ju-cy Pig Stand menu contains a list, description, and prices for the items available for purchase. The menu includes special plates, Suzi-Q specials, soups, salads, steaks, fountain specials, and sandwiches. The obverse of the menu contains an illustration of the Ju-cy Pig logo and an illustration of the establishment. The menu's reverse includes a brief history of the restaurant under the ownership of J. C. Burch and a description of remodeling that had taken place during 1933 to 1941.
Date: unknown
Partner: Denton Public Library

James Williams's Funeral Notice

Description: This funeral notice includes information regarding James Williams's death and funeral services on June 8, 1897.
Date: June 8, 1897
Partner: Denton Public Library

Cascade Plunge Welcomes You

Description: Advertisement welcomes all to enjoy Denton's old swimming hole on 512 Bois D'Arc Street. The swimming hole was supervised at all times by Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Wilson.
Date: May 1, 1922
Partner: Denton Public Library

Art Day Program

Description: The program lists the scheduled performances for Art Day on March 1912. The performances include "The Merry Wives of Windsor," "Forget Me Not," "Oh Nightingale," and others.
Date: 1912-03~
Partner: Denton Public Library

[Ariel Club program for Miss Wright]

Description: Miss Wright's Ariel Club program is dated May 14, 1909. The program contains a list of readings, and musical pieces to be performed at the event including Chopin, Staunton, etcetera.
Date: 1909-05-14~
Partner: Denton Public Library

The X-Ray

Description: The first Denton Rotary Club X-Ray from July 7, 1922 contains information about the newsletter's conception, the Rotary Club's members, the club's upcoming events, the baseball team, and advertisements for local businesses.
Date: 1922-07-07~
Creator: Denton Rotary Club
Partner: Denton Public Library

[Woman's Shakespeare Club program from 1913]

Description: The Woman's Shakespeare Club program for February 21, 1913 displays the scheduled speeches about the genesis, evolution, and use of moving pictures.
Date: 1913-02-21?
Creator: Woman's Shakespeare Club
Partner: Denton Public Library

Woman's Shakespeare Club Programme

Description: The program for the Woman's Shakespeare Club meeting on December 27, 1900 contains words of welcome from Mrs. W. A. Ponder, vocal solos, readings, papers, and instrumentals.
Date: 1900-12-27~
Creator: Woman's Shakespeare Club
Partner: Denton Public Library

The Wesley Bulletin

Description: The bulletin contains the order of services, items of interest, church news, and a list of faculty members of First Methodist Episcopal Church in Denton, Texas. The front of the bulletin contains a photograph of Reverend E. T. Bates, who died on March 26, 1915.
Date: 1915-01-31?
Creator: Wesley Adult Teacher Training Class
Partner: Denton Public Library

Early Memories and Facts

Description: Early reminiscences of Lloyd in Denton County, Texas. The article contains information about a mill, general store, T. Bates, and an old pottery shop. A photograph of a methodist church building in a cemetery near Lloyd is also included.
Date: unknown
Creator: Jagoe, J.W.
Partner: Denton Public Library

I.O.O.F. Cemetery Deed

Description: The deed contains C. C. Bell's purchase of the Odd Fellows' Cemetery, located in Denton, Texas, for the sum of twenty dollars on June 13th, 1887. The deed was drafted and signed in the Denton Lodge, No. 82, of the I.O.O.F.
Date: 1887-06-13?
Creator: Long, D.R.
Partner: Denton Public Library

Exchange National Bank of Denton, Texas

Description: The pamphlet for Exchange National Bank contains a list of officers and directors, and a Condensed Statement of Condition at close of business on December 31, 1915.
Date: 1915?
Creator: Exchange National Bank
Partner: Denton Public Library

[John B. Denton Funeral Notice]

Description: Funeral notice for John B. Denton, who was killed by indians on May 22, 1841. The interment was held at the Denton Courthouse on November 21, 1901. This notice was given to the Denton Public Library by Mrs. R.M. Mitchell and was included in one of three scrapbooks that she made for the library.
Date: November 21, 1901
Partner: Denton Public Library

Looking Back

Description: Newspaper photos showing the owners of Collins-Andrews Dr Good Store and postal workers in front of a post office in early Sanger, Texas. Photograph of Jesse P. Smith on his horse Snooper. Photograph of Dottie Mae McBride, Otis McBride, Alene Duncan, and Reba Duncan on a horse.
Date: July 11, 1963
Creator: Cherry, Ruby
Partner: Denton Public Library

[Cemetery permit for Mr. and Mrs. Will Williams]

Description: The permit certifies Denton Monument Works the authorization to erect a monument in the I.O.O.F. Cemetery for Mr. and Mrs. Williams on June 16, 1955.
Date: 1955-06-16~
Creator: City of Denton
Partner: Denton Public Library