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[Portrait of Williams Family on Christmas Day]

Description: Posed group photo taken on a porch of the Williams family on Christmas Day, 1925. None of the individuals are identified. The house number is 801. (Note House Number is actually 1801). Entered on back in black and blue ink: Christmas Day Dec. 25th 1925 Williams Family (Williams family written twice on back , once in blue ink in bottom left corner, once in green ink in top right corner).
Date: December 25, 1925
Partner: Denton Public Library

[Group of African American Women]

Description: Photograph of six African American women, one of whom is Myrtle Bell Moten. She and another woman are dressed in shorts, three are wearing pants, and one is dressed as a nurse. They are standing in a field with trees in the background.
Date: 1929~
Partner: Courthouse-on-the-Square Museum

[Portrait of Myrtle Moten]

Description: Portrait of Myrtle Bell Moten. She is dressed in a velvet sleeveless bodice and wears a long-sleeved blouse made of a material that is almost sheer, but has a weave-like pattern and a lace collar. She is looking at the camera and has bobbed hair.
Date: 1923~
Partner: Courthouse-on-the-Square Museum

Wisdom Gober

Description: Head-and-shoulders portrait of J. Wisdom Gober, age 90, facing and looking into the camera. On the back of the photo is handwritten, "J. W. Gober - Bolivar."
Date: 1927?
Partner: Denton Public Library

City Federation of Women's Club

Description: Group of women from the City Federation, who were guests of the Texas Power & Light Company at Lake Trinidad, Texas. Pictured are: (bottom row, left to right) Miss Lee Williams (Pres.), Mrs. R. L. West (Treasurer), Mrs. Nettie Edwards, Mrs. Jo Blanks (Fanny), Mrs. C. C. Yancy, Mrs. Billy Woods, Mrs. Fisher (of Dallas, whose husband conducted the group); (top row, left to right) Mrs. Emory Curtis, Mrs. F. V. Garrison, Mrs. Dan Turner, Mrs. R. T. Mays.
Date: 1927
Partner: Denton Public Library

[First TSCW Gymnasium Building]

Description: Photograph of the first Gymnasium Building at Texas State College for Women, now known as Texas Woman's University. Flowers, shrubs, and trees are in front of the two-story brick building with four Doric columns.
Date: 1922~
Creator: Carruth Studio
Partner: Denton Public Library

Main Auditorium before adding lobby and studios

Description: The main auditorium of Texas State College for Women is shown before the adding of lobby and studios. Five doors and windows are shown on the front of the building. The old Household Arts Building is partially visible behind the auditorium, and the old Administration Building, now known as the Old Main Building, is partially visible to the right of the auditorium.
Date: [1922..1935]
Partner: Denton Public Library

Gymnasium 1922

Description: The entrance of an unidentified gymnasium is visible. The three-story brick building has four columns at its entrance. Two plots of flowers are blooming in front of the building.
Date: 1922~
Partner: Denton Public Library

[Denton Fire Department and City Hall]

Description: Thirty-one unidentified men and two unidentified women are posing in front of the Denton City Hall and an early Fire Station on Oak Street. Two fire engines are visible with two of the men sitting in one of the engines. A motorcycle is also visible in the foreground. The City Hall and part of the Fire Station are one brick building with a bell steeple on top. A wooden addition to the Fire Station is shown to the left of the building. Many of the men are wearing Western-style clothing with Western hats. Some of the men are wearing three-piece suits with ties or bow ties. Gene Cook is sixth from the left. Billy Woods is behind the steering wheel. Mayor B.W. McKenzie is in front of truck in striped tie. Chief Clarence Smith is the man with a cane. (Men identified in the photograph in the book "Denton Fire Department Commemorative Album 1874-1988")
Date: 1926
Partner: Denton Public Library

The X-Ray

Description: The first Denton Rotary Club X-Ray from July 7, 1922 contains information about the newsletter's conception, the Rotary Club's members, the club's upcoming events, the baseball team, and advertisements for local businesses.
Date: 1922-07-07~
Creator: Denton Rotary Club
Partner: Denton Public Library