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Immaculate Conception Catholic Church

Description: Photograph of the Immaculate Conception Catholic Church on Elm Street in Denton, Texas (built 1956). A statue is installed on the front wall of the brick building. The roof extends into an awning on the left side of the building, and on the right side of the building five vertical strips of stained-glass windows are installed.
Date: 1978-04~
Location Info:
Partner: Denton Public Library

Puppets at the Denton Public Library

Description: Photograph of Vicki Bleick, children's librarian, and Barbara Stevens, reference librarian, showing puppets at the Denton Public Library. They are holding up a poster which says: "Take a Giant Step Sponsored cooperatively by your library and the Texas State Library." On the floor in the bottom right corner of the image the top half of the cover of the children's book "That Cat!" is visible.
Date: 1974~
Partner: Denton Public Library

[School field trip to Emily Fowler Library]

Description: Photograph of several children on a school field trip to Emily Fowler Library. Two librarians are giving the tour. Linda Touraine, wearing a brown jacket can be seen speaking to the children. Several bookshelves are visible in the background, and a shelf of 45s is visible in the foreground.
Date: 1971~
Partner: Denton Public Library