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[4-H Club]
Photograph of eleven children standing in two rows. Their names are Ruby Allenson, Dennis Andersen, Leroy Bram, Idel Bram, John Brodsgaard, Kenneth Christensen, Jane Klaustrup, Dorothy Waldman, and Annette Waldman.
4-H Girls in Danish Costumes
Copy negative of members of the Danevang girl's 4-H club. The girls are wearing traditional Danish Costumes. Pictured from left to right, the top row includes Jane Kladstrup, Geneva Bram, Peggy Bram, Sharon Krag, and Annette Waldman. The bottom row includes Carolyn Lauritsen, Sharon Roberts, Beverly Waldman, and Eleanor Berndt.
4-H Girls in Danish Costumes
Copy negative of a group of 4-H girls dressed in Danish costumes, dancing around a Christmas tree in the Danevang Community Hall, located in Wharton County. Eight young girls are wearing dresses and hats, and they are holding hands with each other.
1908 Gusher
Copy negative of an a 4,000 barrel oil geyser, six miles east of Bay City, Texas.
1911 Holiday Automobile
Copy negative of a 1911 automobile parked outside of Andrew Neils Smith's home, with members of the Smith family sitting inside. The father and mother sit in the front seat, while six children sit in the back. The mother is wearing an apron over a patterned dress, her long sleeves are pushed to her elbows and her hair is parted and pulled back into a bun. The father is sitting slightly behind the woman, wearing a collared shirt, tie, and a brimmed hat.
1920 Dodge Roadster
Copy negative of Hans Thorvald and Anna Andersen standing in front of their Dodge Roadster on their honeymoon in Parlier, California. Anna is wearing a loose long-sleeved shirt that gathers at both cuffs, a scarf tied around her neck, loose pants, and a hat with a gathered ribbon across the rim. Hans, who is standing beside Anna, is wearing a buttoned shirt, a tie, loose trousers, a tool belt, and is holding a hat in his hand. The couple had to change thirty-five flat tires on their honeymoon trip from California to Texas.
1920 Dodge Roadster
Copy negative of Hans Andersen changing a flat tire on his 1920 Dodge Roadster during his honeymoon trip to California with his wife, Anna. Hans is squatting by the front left tire with a tool in his hand. Hans had to change thirty-five tires during the trip.
[1922 Confirmation Class]
Photograph of five young men, a pastor, and four young women posed in front of a white church. Their names are Herman Krag, Knud Strarup, Niels Petersen, Olaf Hansen, Oscar Smith, Asta Nygaard, Emma Sophia Hansen, Pastor Rodholm, Marie Harton, and Marie Magdalene Ingvardsen.
[1944 Confirmation Class]
Photograph of the graduating confirmation class at the Swedish Lutheran Church in El Campo. Their names from right to left are Norma Bard, Grace Mildred Bergstrom, Alvin Jensen, Lawrence Bergland, Harold Bergland, and Keith Andersen.
1945 Storm
Copy negative of hurricane damage after a storm in Danevange, Texas, which is located in Wharton County. In the image, a building is knocked over on it's side against the telephone office. The other two buildings pictured are missing roof shingles and boards.
1953 Confirmation Class
Copy negative of the 1953 Confirmation class at Danevang Lutheran Church, which is located in Wharton County. In the picture, four young boys and two young girls are standing outside the church. They are wearing suits and dresses. From left to right, the members pictured are Alfred Gann, unknown boy, Jeanne Swendsen, Anna Marie Smith, Howard Ledwig and Allen Lauritsen.
1961 Confirmation Class
Copy negative of the 1961 confirmation class of Danevang Lutheran Church, which is located in Wharton County, Texas. The students are all wearing long white robes. From left to right, top to bottom, the students pictured are Donald Dippel, James Olson, and Bruce Lauritsen in the top row; and Kathleen Skow and Sharon Andersen in the bottom row.
1994 Community Celebration
Copy negative of a community celebration of the dedication of a Texas Historical Marker at the Danevang Lutheran Cemetery, located in Wharton County. In the image, Walter Bram is sitting in a wheelchair, and his daughter, Peggy, is standing directly behind him. There are four American flags staked into the ground, and there are many people standing in the shade, behind the family.
[50th Anniversary of Danish Ladies Aid]
Photograph of the 50th anniversary jubilee for the Danish Ladies Aid. The group of primarily women hold a chalkboard at the center of the group.
Aerial View of Brodsgaard Farm
Copy negative of an aerial view of the Brodsgaard family farm in Wharton County, Texas. In the image, a large field is pictured, and in the center of the field, there is a two-story home as well as several other one-story buildings. According to sources, the farm belonged to Soren Brodsgaard, and was later given to his son, Chris Brodsgaard.
Aerial View of Danevang Co-op
Copy negative of an aerial view of the Danevange Farmers Cooperative Society, as noted on the front of the photograph. The co-op is located in Danevange, Texas.
Aerial View of Mads Andersen Home
Copy negative of Mads Andersen's home from an aerial viewpoint. Outlying buildings, a church, trees and farmland surround the home.
[Agnes Brodsgaard and J. E. Sones]
Photograph of a man sitting in the grass behind a woman lying on the grass, with two people sitting on the porch of the house behind them.
Andersen Boys on Danevang Baseball Team
Copy negative of the Danevang boys baseball team. The group of boys are standing together outside. Two men are mounted on horses to the left of the team, and three men in suits and hats are standing to the right of the team. Three of the players identified as Elmer, Arthur, and Hands Andersen are wearing baseball uniforms with the word "Danevang" written across the chest. The other team members are wearing various unmatched clothing.
[Andersen Boys on Danevang Baseball Team]
Photograph of two men on horseback, 15 young men standing in three rows with two young children, and three men in suits and cowboy hats at the far right.
[Andersen Boys on Danevang Baseball Team 2]
Photograph of two men on horseback, 15 young men standing in three rows with two young children, and three men in suits and cowboy hats at the far right.
Andrew Berndt
Copy negative of Andrew Berndt reading a book at the Nysted Folk School in Nebraska. Andrew is seated next to a desk, and is wearing a suit and tie. Behind him, a shelf where several ties are hanging, a clock, hat, books, and several photographs are either hanging on the wall or sitting on the desk.
Andrew Jensen Doing Chores
Copy negative of Andrew Jensen feeding a calf out of a metal bucket in front of his farm. Jensen stands to the right of the calf, holding another metal bucket and wearing a white sleeveless shirt, belt, cargo pants, and hat. A cigar is hanging from his mouth. A feeding trough can be seen in the background, surrounded by farmland.
[Andrew Jensen Family]
Photograph of a man in a suit and hat, two young women, two girls holding dolls, and a young boy in overalls at the front.
Andrew Niels Smith
Copy negative of Andrew Niels Smith standing on the grassy bank of a body of water. Andrew is standing with his arms at his sides, wearing a buttoned, collarless long-sleeved shirt and dark pants. His hat sits on his head at an angle.
Andrew Niels Smith Home
Copy negative of Andrew Niels Smith's home. The two-story square wood building has five visible rectangular windows and a wide porch supported by four square columns. A shrub is planted in front of each column. On the right, a windmill and storage tank can be seen behind the house the home. Agricultural buildings and machinery are visible on the left of the image.
Anna Hansen
Copy negative of Anna Hansen, photographed at the home of Hans Hansen. Anna is seated, holding a feathered fan in her hand and wearing a loose-fitting round-neck dress with front pleating and sleeves trimmed in ribbon. She wears a pearl necklace and her hair is pinned up. A curtained window with a view of foliage is visible in background. According to an original source, Anna married Julius Swensen on November 13th, 1926, and died on February 4th, 1929.
[Ansgar Lutheran Church]
Photograph of a crowd gathered at the Danevang Ansgar Lutheran Church, a white building with a bell tower.
Arnold Juhl Buggy
Copy negative of a horse-drawn carriage in front of the family farm of Jasper Juhl. Arnold Juhl is standing in front of the carriage, and there is a windmill visible in the background of the photograph.
Arnold Juhl Duck Hunt
Copy negative of Arnold Juhl sitting on a tree stump in front of a wooden fence strung with dead ducks after a hunt. Arnold is holding a gun and wearing a vest with ammunition strung across it, lace-up boots, and a billed cap.
Arnold Juhl in Baseball Uniform
Copy negative of Arnold Juhl dressed in a baseball uniform. He is sitting in an automobile with his knees up and looking to the side.
Arnold Juhl's Residence
Copy negative of the Arnold and Margaret Juhl residence in Danevang, Texas. The residence is on a large plot of land with the living quarters in the front, a garage to the side, and a smaller outhouse in the back. There are two cars parked on the side of the road that runs in front of the house.
Arnold & Margaret Juhl Golden Wedding
Copy negative of a group portrait taken for Arnold and Margaret Juhl's Golden Wedding celebration at the Danevang Community Hall. On the top row is Anna Michaelsen Skalisky, Rudolph Skalisky, Edythe Michaelsen, Hans Michaelsen, Vavie Michaelsen Skalisky, and Frank Skalisky. On the second row is Frank Witcher, Charles Corley, Christian Michaelsen, Arnold Juhl, Sophus Michaelsen, George Michaelsen, and Carl Michaelsen. Seated at the front of the group is Clara Michaelsen Witcher, Helena Michaelsen Corley, Clara Michaelsen, Margaret Michaelsen Juhl, Metha Starup Michaelsen, Helena Schaer Michaelsen, and Hilda Smith Michaelsen.
[Arnold Petersen Home in Danevang]
Photograph of a red car parked outside a white house one story house with an attached porch.
Art & Freda Braunholz Wedding
Copy negative of a group of people at the wedding of Art and Freda Braunholz. The bride and groom are standing in the front, surrounded by a large group of other people. In the background there are hedges, trees, and a house visible.
Arthur Andersen Family
Copy negative of Arthur Andersen and his family sitting on a log along a beach. From left to right, the family members pictured are Louella Andersen, an unknown woman, Henrietta Andersen, and Arthur Andersen.
Arthur Anderson World War One
Copy negative of Arthur Andersen wearing his WWI military uniform. The long-sleeve uniform jacket buttons up the front and features four large pockets, and the pleated plants fit loose and tighten at the knee. Arthur is wearing lace-up shoes and a hat.
Arthur Hansen Family
Copy negative of Arthur Hansen and his two daughters, Dora and Marie Harton. The children stand on either side of their father, who is sitting on a stool wearing a suit. The girls are wearing long-sleeved, dark-colored dresses. They both are resting a hand on their father's arms.
Arthur Hansen Home
Copy negative of Arthur Hansen's home, which is approximately two miles west of Danevang, Texas. The two-story white home is sitting next to a windmill and several agricultural buildings.
[Article About Danish Ladies Aid]
Photograph of four women holding a chalkboard in front of a house. The article written around it is titled "Greetings from Danevang, Texas."
At the Bay
Copy negative of Margaret Juhl and her husband Arnold Juhl sitting on the beach at the East Bay in Palacios, Texas.
August Schaer Family
Copy negative of the Schaer family, standing in three rows outside of their home. From left to right, Marie, Louis, Charlie, and Henry stand in the back row. Mr. and Mrs. Schaer stand in the middle row, and O.W. and Helena stand in the front row.
[Baby Marie Berndt]
Photograph of a baby wearing a wide white dress and holding a hammer-shaped rattle between her hands. She is placed on a chair with intricate wicker backing.
[Baby Nellie Nygard Carnelius]
Photograph of a smiling baby dressed in white, sitting on a table.
Baptism Portrait of Esther Smith Harton
Copy negative of the baptism portrait of Esther Smith Harton. The baby is sitting in a chair covered with a patterned cloth, wearing a long-sleeved gown with lace trim and a lace inset on the chest of the gown. She is wearing a necklace with a charm on it.
[Baseball Pirates]
Photograph of thirteen young men in baseball uniforms with the word "Pirates" emblazoned on the front.
Baseball Team
Copy negative of a team of nine baseball players in Danevang, Texas, which is located in Wharton County. In the image, the team members are dressed in baseball uniforms and cleats. Two of the team members are holding baseball bats. From left to right, the individuals pictured are F. W. "Dengsi" Hansen, J. O. (Honey) Olsen, I. Elva (Babe) Hansen, Sam Ingvardsen, Knud Strarup, Window (or Woodrow) Winfield, Iver Skow and Carl Jensen.
[Berndt and Jensen Family]
Photograph of six boys and three girls dressed in white in front of a house.
[Berndt Children]
Photograph of a young girl and young boy on either side of a baby sitting in a chair. Their names are, from left to right, Andreas, Maria, and Ingeborg Berndt. They are the three children of H. J. Berndt
[Berndt Family at Christmas]
Photograph of a man and woman both wearing glasses and holding an infant each. Their names are Sybil, Chris, Edwin and Edward Berndt.