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[Lauritzen Family Photo]

Description: Photograph of a man, two women, and eight children. The last row's names are Mette Lauritzen (born 1867), Else Marie Lauritzen, Else Marie Lauritzen (born 1865), Johanna Lauritzen (born 1833), and Anders Oddershede Lauritzen (born 1836). The first row's names are Olivia Lauritzen (born 1868), Petrea Lauritzen (born 1873, died 1958, immigrated to U.S.), Hannah Andersine Johanne Lauritzen (born 1874), Anton Frederick Lauritzen (born 1876, died 1964, immigrated to U.S.), Andreus Lauritzen (born 1872, died 1957, immigrated to U. S.), and Laura Lauritzen (born November 1st, 1869, died 1905, immigrated to U. S.).
Date: 1878
Partner: Danish Heritage Preservation Society

(Karen) Mrs. Hans Berndt

Description: Copy negative of a portrait of Karen Berndt. She is wearing a dark, high-collar dress decorated with flowers pinned to the shoulder. Karen is facing toward the right side of the image with her arms resting on the top of an upholstered dining chair. There is a palm plant, a vase, and a carved wood fireplace visible in the background of the image. There is a banner at the bottom of the image that reads, "Olsen Hartford Portraits".
Date: 1889
Partner: Danish Heritage Preservation Society

[Jens and Paul Berndt]

Description: Photograph of two men in suits, one sitting and the other standing with a hand on the other's shoulder. Jens and Paul Berndt were bothers of Helvig Berndt. They first came to Wisner, Nebraska then moved to Danevang, Texas. Paul then moved to South Dakota.
Date: 1890
Partner: Danish Heritage Preservation Society