Dallas Museum of Art Exhibition Records - Titles Matching

100 Years of American Architecture 7
10th Annual Texas Crafts Exhibition 5
11th Annual Texas Crafts Exhibition 8
12: Artists Working in North Texas 23
12th Annual Texas Crafts Exhibition 21
13th Annual Texas Crafts Exhibition 7
14th Texas Crafts Exhibition 12
15th Texas Crafts Exhibition 18
17th Texas Crafts Exhibition 12
20th Century Design: USA 9
21st Ceramic National Exhibition 8
Aaron Siskind: Fifty Years 8
Across Continents and Cultures: The Art of Henry Ossawa Tanner 17
Adventures in Imaginative Seeing 6
Africa Explores: 20th Century African Art 24
African Art From Dallas Collections 28
African-American/African 7
Afro-American Arts from the Suriname Rain Forest 28
The Age of Exploration: Selections from the Johnson & Gibbs Collection 18
Albert D. Lasker Collection 12
Alone in a Crowd 8
American Art Since 1945 12
American Art, 1700-1950 50
American Hooked Rugs 4
American Prints in Black and White, 1900-1950: Selections from the Collection of Reba and Dave Williams 21
The American West: Legendary Artists of the Frontier 18
An American Vision: Three Generations of Wyeth Art 54
Ancestral Art of Gabon 3
The Ancestral Presence in Indonesia 5
Ancient and Medieval Art from a Dallas Private Collection 17
Animals in African Art: From the Familiar to the Marvelous 53
Ansel Adams and American Landscape Photography: Selections from the Southland Corporation Collection 17
Architecture and Its Image: Works from the Collection of the Canadian Centre for Architecture 34
Arshile Gorky, 1904-1948: A Retrospective 38
Art at Square One: Russian Avant-Garde Works on Paper 13
Art Deco and Streamlined Modern Design, 1920-1950 17
Art in Post-Revolutionary Mexico, 1920-1950 13
Art of the American Indian Frontier: The Chandler/Pohrt Collection 21
Art of the Archaic Indonesians 37
Art of the Circus 15
The Art of the Doll: Automata from the Gail Cook Collection 17
The Art of the Doll: French Character Dolls from the Gail Cook Collection 12
The Art of the Doll: German Character Dolls from the Gail Cook Collection 9
The Art of the European Goldsmith: Silver from the Schroder Collection 35
The Art That Broke the Looking Glass 3
ART/Artifact 29
Artful Deception: The Craft of the Forger 6
The Arts of Ghana 31
The Arts of Man 190
Auguste Rodin, 1840-1917: An Exhibition of Sculptures and Drawings 20
Avedon: Photographs 1947-77 30
Baggie Mantra Sanctorum March 6
Bamboo to Batik: Textile Acquisitions, 1987-1991 10
Beni Montresor's Set Designs for Dallas Ballet's "Swan Lake" 2
Berenice Abbott: Documenting New York 4
Beyond the Tanabata Bridge: A Textile Journey in Japan 26
Black Art-Ancestral Legacy: The African Impulse in African-American Art 70
Blinds & Shutters 6
Brice Marden, Work of the 1990s: Paintings, Drawings, and Prints 19
Bridget Riley: Works 1959-1978 21
Brushstrokes of Enlightenment: Zen Calligraphy and Painting / Blades of Splendor: Japanese Swords and Warrior Prints from the R. B. Caldwell Collection 30
Bulletin of the Dallas Museum of Fine Arts (1936-1942) 6
Calder's Universe 19
Carl Andre Sculpture 1959-1977 18
A Century of Modern Sculpture: The Patsy and Raymond Nasher Collection 51
A Century Under Foot: American Hooked Rugs, 1800-1900 7
Charles Sheeler: Paintings, Drawings, Photographs 35
Charles Sheeler: Paintings, Drawings, Photographs, May 15-July 10, 1988 1
Chinese Gold, Silver and Porcelain: The Kempe Collection 5
Chocolate Pots and Tomb Guardians from Ancient Mexico 13
Cindy Sherman 18
Coastal Color: Textiles from Guatemala's Pacific Foothills 17
Collaboration: Artists and Architects 15
Colorin Colorado: The Art of Indian Children 9
Concentrations 417
Concentrations 11: Luis Jimenez 20
Concentrations 13: Nic Nicosia 9
Concentrations 14: Pat Steir, The Brueghel Series 4
Concentrations 15: Matt Mullican 5
Concentrations 16: Mary Lucier, Wilderness 3
Concentrations 17: Vernon Fisher, Lost for Words 28
Concentrations 18: Bert Long 6
Concentrations 19: Peter Fischli / David Weiss 4
Concentrations 20: Kiki Smith 10
Concentrations 21: Gael Stack 6
Concentrations 22: Max Neuhaus, Two Sides of the Same Room 5
Concentrations 23: Texas Figurative Drawings 8
Concentrations 25: Harry Geffert, Bronze Allegories 13
Concentrations 26: Celia Alvarez Munoz, Abriendo Tierra/Breaking Ground 14
Concentrations 27: Georg Herold, Images Perdues 16
Concentrations 28: Matthew McCaslin, Harnessing Nature 3
Concentrations 29: Per Kirkeby 5
Concentrations 30: Mariko Mori, Come Play with Me 7
Concentrations 31: Patrick Faulhaber 8
Concentrations 32: Anne Chu and Bonnie Collura 16
Concentrations 33: Doug Aitken, Diamond Sea 48
Concentrations 34: Shirin Neshat 21
Concentrations 36: Annette Lawrence 17
Concentrations 37: Jane and Louise Wilson 36
Concentrations 38: Matthew Ritchie, The Slow Tide 8
Concentrations 40: Maki Tamura 5
Concentrations 9: Richard Long 8
Concentrations I: Richard Shaffer 5
Concentrations II: Ann Lee Stautberg 10
Concentrations III: Betsy Muller/Andrea Rosenberg 8
Concentrations IV: Alain Kirili, Recent Sculpture 11
Concentrations V: Judith Murray 12
Concentrations VI: Al Souza 9
Concentrations VII: Deborah Butterfield 21
Constructivism and the Geometric Tradition: Selections from the McCrory Corporation Collection 35
Contemporary Porcelain from Japan: 30 Works by 30 Masters 11
Contemporary Prints from the Hamon Fund 13
Corot to Monet: The Rise of Landscape Painting in France 29
Counterparts: Form and Emotion in Photographs 23
Court Arts of Indonesia 24
The Crafts and Worship 17
Cubism & La Section d'Or: Works on Paper 1907-1922 14
Dale Chihuly: Installations 1964-1994 96
Dallas Art Notes 1
Dallas Collects 3
Dallas Collects 20th Century Crafts 10
Dallas Collects Jean-Michel Basquiat 7
Dallas Collects: Impressionist and Early Modern Masters 17
Dallas Museum of Art Bulletin (1984-1989) 17
Dallas Museum of Art Installation: African Art 17
Dallas Museum of Art Installation: African, Asian and Pacific Rim, 1995 13
Dallas Museum of Art Installation: American Art and American Decorative Arts, 1997-1999 22
Dallas Museum of Art Installation: American Decorative Arts 31
Dallas Museum of Art Installation: Ancient Art 11
Dallas Museum of Art Installation: Arts of Africa, Asia and Pacific 91
Dallas Museum of Art Installation: Asian Art 22
Dallas Museum of Art Installation: Contemporary Art 113
Dallas Museum of Art Installation: Contemporary Art, 1984 24
Dallas Museum of Art Installation: European Art 20
Dallas Museum of Art Installation: European, American, and Non-Western Art, 1984 37
Dallas Museum of Art Installation: Island Southeast Asian Art 7
Dallas Museum of Art Installation: Modern Latin American Art 4
Dallas Museum of Art Installation: Museum of Contemporary Art, 1993 50
Dallas Museum of Art Installation: Museum of Europe 22
Dallas Museum of Art Installation: Museum of the Americas, 1993 109
Dallas Museum of Art Installation: Native North American Art 5
Dallas Museum of Art Installation: Pre-Columbian Art, 1990-1992 29
Dallas Museum of Art Installation: Pre-Columbian Art, 1999-2000 9
Dallas Museum of Art Permanent Collection: Ancient Art Gallery 1
Dallas Museum of Fine Arts Bulletin (1980-1983) 17
Dallas Museum of Fine Arts Installations 83
Dallas Museum of Fine Arts Newsletter 2
Dallas Museum of Fine Arts Newsletter (1953-1980) 4
Dallas Visions: Toward a 21st Century Urban Design 7
The Degas Bronzes 4
Degas to Picasso: Painters, Sculptors, and the Camera 42
Design by Alvin Lustig 12
Designs for the Derriere: Chairs from the Permanent Collection 12
The DMA at Ninety: A Photomontage 1
Documenting New York: Photographs by Berenice Abbott 9
Drawing Near: Whistler Etchings from the Zelman Collection 22
Early American Folk Sculpture 7
East Meets West: Sculpture from the David T. Owsley Collection 16
Eight By Eight, American Craftsmen 40
El Greco of Toledo 56
Elizabeth Murray: Paintings and Drawings 5
Encounters 123
Encounters 1: John Hernandez 10
Encounters 1: Rainer Ganahl 13
Encounters 2: Skeet McAuley 7
Encounters 3: Doug MacWithey 11
Encounters 4: Ray Smith 7
Encounters 4: Renee Green World Tour 24
Encounters 5: Tracy Hicks 16
Encounters 6: Peter Halley 12
Encounters 6: Rachel Hecker 9
Enduring Impressions: Selections from the Bromberg Print Gifts 18
European Masterworks, The Foundation for the Arts Collection at the Dallas Museum of Art 51
Expansive Vision: Recent Acquisitions of Photographs in the Dallas Museum of Art 7
The Eye of Stanley Marcus 38
A Faithful Journey: 200 Years of American Decorative Arts from the Faith P. and Charles L. Bybee Collection 57
Felix Gonzalez-Torres / Joseph Bueys 16
Figures/Environments 3
Fine Line: Batik Skirts from Java's North Coast 6
Francesco Clemente 23
Frank Lloyd Wright: In the Realm of Ideas (Usonian Automatic House) 13
Frank Lloyd Wright: Preserving an Architectural Heritage, Decorative Designs from The Domino's Pizza Collection 21
From Tabletop to TV Tray: China and Glass in America, 1880-1980 40
From the Permanent Collection: European Art 15
From the Permanent Collection: Old Master Prints 5
Furniture on the Texas Frontier, 1840-1900: Furnishings from Historic Round Top 22
Gates of Mystery: The Art of Holy Russia 28
Geometric Abstraction: 1926-1942 13
Georges Vantongerloo 11
Georgia O'Keeffe 1887-1986 85
Gerhard Richter in Dallas Collections 29
Giacometti 8
The Gilded Age: Treasures from the Smithsonian American Art Museum 28
Gold of Mycenae 10
Gold of Three Continents: Africa, Greece, Ancient Americas 18
Golden Treasures of the Ancient World: Ancient Gold Jewelry from the Dallas Museum of Art 14
Golden Treasures of the Ancient World: Treasures from the Royal Tombs of Ur 17
Graphic Art of the Russian Avant-Garde, 1903-1931 22
Great Masters of Mexican Folk Art from the Collection of Fomento Cultural Banamex 34
Guatemalan Textiles from the Collection of Patsy and Raymond D. Nasher 20
Gunther Gerzso Remembered, 1915-2000 7
Henri Cartier-Bresson: Photographer 7
Henry Moore Maquettes 8
Henry Moore, Sculpting the 20th Century 53
Herbert Distel: The Museum of Drawers 3
Highlights from the Permanent Collection: American and European Art, 1400-1945 6
Himalayan Gilt Bronzes from Nepal and Tibet 12
Hiroshige: The Fifty-Three Stages of the Tokaido 3
Hot Cars, High Fashion, Cool Stuff: Designs of the 20th Century 47
I.M. Pei: Meyerson Symphony Center / Henry N. Cobb and Dan Kiley: Fountain Place 8
Images of Mexico: The Contribution of Mexico to 20th Century Art 73
Impressionism and the Modern Vision: Master Paintings from the Phillips Collection 54
The Impressionist and the City: Pissarro's Series 27
Impressionists and Modern Masters in Dallas: Monet to Mondrian 39
Impressions from the Riviera: Masterpieces from the Wendy and Emery Reves Collection 31
Impressions of Nature: Landscape Photography by Heidi Sherman 3
India Along the Ganges: Photographs by Raghubir Singh 18
Indian Art of the Americas 23
Irish Watercolors from the National Gallery of Ireland 11
Is There Magic in Art? 3
Italian Master Drawings 1350-1800, From the Janos Scholz Collection 3
Italian Sculptors of Today 1
Jack Delano Photographs 5
Jacob Lawrence, American Painter 43
James Brooks 13
James McNeil Whistler: Etched on Paper 9
Japan's Golden Age: Momoyama (First Rotation) 51
Japan's Golden Age: Momoyama (Second Rotation) 96
Japan: Photographs 1854-1905 23
Jasper Johns: New Paintings and Works on Paper 7
Jasper Johns: Process and Printmaking 14
Jasper Johns: Savarin Monotypes 5
Jenny Holzer: The Venice Installation 26
The Jewels of Lalique 23
Joel Shapiro 16
Jonathan Borofsky from the Patsy R. and Raymond D. Nasher Collection 14
Journey into Non-Objectivity: The Graphic Work of Kazimir Malevich and Other Members of the Russian Avant-Garde 9
Kenneth J. Hale: Recent Prints 12
The Kevorkian Foundation Collection of Rare and Magnificent Oriental Carpets 7
Kings, Queens and Soup Tureens: Selections from the Campbell Museum Collection 22
Know What You See: Art Conservation 59
Life at Court: Art for India's Rulers, 16th-19th Centuries 12
Like a One-Eyed Cat: Photographs by Lee Friedlander, 1956-1987 23
Linda Ridgway: A Survey, The Poetics of Form 10
The Loan Collection for the Vice President's Residence (April 1978-April 1979) 18
Lone Star Regionalism: The Dallas Nine and Their Circle, 1928-1945 47
Luis Jimenez: Working Class Heroes, Images from the Popular Culture 36
Magdalena Abakanowicz 2
Many Mistresses, Many Maids: American Needlework from the Bybee and Sutton Collections 9
Mark Tobey From the Clark Collection 18
Mark Tobey Retrospective 9
Maya Miniatures and Other Textiles for the Saints 22
Maya: Treasures of an Ancient Civilization 24
Mexican Art: Pre-Columbian to Modern Times 5
Mexican Dance Masks 5
Modern Art: A Guide to Looking 17
Mondrian: The Transatlantic Paintings 18
Monet at Vetheuil: The Turning Point 25
Mr. President: A Pictoral Parade of Presidents, 1789-1956 7
Nam June Paik's "TV Clock" 4
Nature's Forms/Nature's Forces: The Art of Alexandre Hogue 10
Naum Gabo: Sixty Years of Constructivism 43
New Acquisitions by Texas Artists 15
New Photography from Mexico City 13
Nic Nicosla: Real Pictures, 1979-1999 50
Now/Then/Again 88
O'Neil Ford, Texas Architect 8
Objects of Bright Pride: Northwest Coast Indian Art from the American Museum of Natural History 13
Objects of Elegance and Whimsy: Japanese Cloisonne and Plique-a-Jour from the John R. Young Collection 9
Objects of Elegance and Whimsy: Japanese Lacquerware and Shibayama from the John R. Young Collection 14
Oriental Art in Dallas Private Collections 6
Out of the Vault: Silver and Gold Treasures 36
The Painted Sketch: American Impressions from Nature, 1830-1880 21
Painters of the Great Ming: The Imperial Court and the Zhe School 21
Painting the Universe: Frantisek Kupka 29
The Past in Review -- No. 1 1
Patricia Johanson: A Project for the Fair Park Lagoon 4
Patterns from the East: Embossed Japanese Wallpapers from the Ellis Collection 11
Patterns, Creatures, and Flowers from the East: Textiles for the Zale-Lipshy University Hospital 9
Pennsylvania Quilts: Selections from the Landes Dowry 6
Philip Guston: 50 Years of Painting 21
Photography in Contemporary German Art: 1960 to the Present 41
Photography: The Selected Image 8
Picasso the Printmaker: Graphics from the Marina Picasso Collection 22
Picasso, Braque, Gris: Cubists and Their Friends 7
Picturing History: American Painting, 1770-1930 25
Pierre Bonnard: The Late Paintings 26
Pompeii A.D. 79 201
The Potter's Art: Vessels from Ancient Peru to Modern Japan 4
Power and Gold: Jewelry from Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines 36
Pre-Columbian Art from South America 17
Primitivism in 20th Century Art: Affinity of the Tribal and the Modern 118
A Print History: The Bromberg Gifts 24
The Prints of Roy Lichtenstein 38
Projects I: David McManaway 9
The Quedlinburg Treasury 18
Quilts and Coverlets: Off the Bed and on the Wall 6
Re/View: Photographs from the Collection of the Dallas Museum of Art 14
Recent Acquisitions in African Art: The Cecil and Ida Green Foundation 10
Recent Acquisitions: Photography 6
Recent Gifts from the Meadows Collection 3
Recent Textile Acquisitions: 1984-1986 7
Religious Art of the Western World 36
Rene Magritte in America 3
Revealing Spirits: Sculpture from Indonesia 8
Robert Rauschenberg Prints: Selections from Dallas and Fort Worth Collections 9
Robert Rauschenberg, Work from Four Series: A Sesquicentennial Exhibition 4
Rodin's Masterwork: "The Gates of Hell" 3
Rodin's Monument to the Burghers of Calais 13
The Royal Hunter: Art of the Sasanian Empire 11
Rugs Designed by American Artists 4
Salvador Dali: Jewels 4
The Sculpture of Negro Africa 5
Searching for Ancient Egypt: Art, Architecture, and Artifacts from the University of Pennsylvania Museum 55
Seeing God: Art and Ritual Around the World 18
Selections from the Patsy R. and Raymond D. Nasher Collection 20
Selections from the Steven G. Alpert Collection of Indonesian Textiles 7
Sensuous Stones: Carved Asian Jades 11
Seventy-Five Years of Art in Dallas: The History of the Dallas Art Association and the Dallas Museum of Fine Arts 28
Shakespeare: The Globe and the World 27
Shibui Exhibition 29
The Ship and the Sacred Tree: Textiles from South Sumatra 9
The Ship and the Sacred Tree: Textiles from Sumatra 8
The Shogun Age 63
Silver in America, 1840-1940: A Century of Splendor 69
Sitings [Alice Aycock, Richard Fleischner, Mary Miss, George Trakas] 28
"The Sleep of Reason:" A Video Installation by Bill Viola 4
South Asian Sculpture 10
South Central Craftsmen USA, 1966 29
Southwestern Art 3
The State I'm In: Texas Art at the DMA 37
Susan Rothenberg: Paintings and Drawings 27
Texas Architecture-1957 8
Texas Crafts Exhibition 83
Texas Crafts: New Expressions 28
Texas Designer / Craftsman 12
Texas Painting and Sculpture Exhibition 17
Texas Painting and Sculpture, 1966 6
Thomas Hart Benton: Prints, Letters, and Photographs 14
Thomas Moran and the Spirit of Place 23
Thomas Struth 33
Three Centuries of Wedgwood [In memory of Hensleigh C. Wedgwood] 14
Three Seated Figures from Veracruz: Modern Improvisations on an Ancient Style 5
Through the Looking Glass 29
The Time of Bonnard: Prints and Illustrated Books in France 5
The Treasury of San Marco, Venice 20
Two Centuries of Black American Art 17
Uncovered: Quilts from a Dallas Collection 8
Under Cover: Woven Coverlets from the Permanent Collection 8
Victorian Romance: Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones's "Pilgrim at the Gate of Idleness" 10
Views of Japan: Modern Woodblock Prints by Hiroshi Yoshida 5
Views of Windsor by Thomas and Paul Sandby From the Collection of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 8
Visions of the West: American Art from Dallas Collections 38
Visions: James Surls, 1974-1984 46
"The Voyage of the Icebergs," Frederic Church's Arctic Masterpiece 1
The Wanderers: Masters of 19th Century Russian Painting, An Exhibition from the Soviet Union 33
Wiley Territory 21
Willard Watson "The Texas Kid" 1921-1995, In Memoriam 4
Winterbotham Collection of 20th Century European Paintings 14
Wolfgang Laib: A Retrospective 22
Women in Classical Greece: Pandora's Box 28
The Work of Atget: The Art of Old Paris 16
Workers, An Archaeology of the Industrial Age: Photographs by Sebastiao Salgado 40
Works on Paper: Southwest, 1978 25
The Worlds of Salvador Dali [The Divine Comedy / After Fifty Years of Surrealism] 5
Woven to Honor: The Steven G. Alpert Collection of Indonesian Textiles 2