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[Horse three quarters front]
Photograph of a horse standing three quarters front in an open field. There are trees and a fence visible in the background.
[Grays Starlight]
Photograph of renown breeding stallion, Grays Starlight, standing full side in a grass field in front of a white fence.
[Horse running]
Photograph of a horse running along a fence at Polo Ranch in Marietta, Oklahoma.
[Lioness showing teeth]
Photograph of a lioness laying on the ground exposing its teeth as it roars. The lion lays in front of multiple fences
[Elizabeth Rowe with horse Show Me the Town]
Photograph of Elizabeth Rowe holding her recently crowned World Champion quarter horse, Show Me The Town. The photograph was taken following the American Junior Quarter Horse Association World Championship Show in Fort Worth, Texas.
[Lion laying]
Photograph of a lioness laying on the ground in front of multiple fences.
[Man on horse and woman standing next to him]
Photograph of a man horseback while a woman stands next to him holding chaps folded over her arm. They are standing in a grass field and there are fences visible behind them.
[Matlock Rose cutting]
Photograph of renown horse trainer, Matlock Rose, as he rides horseback cutting a calf in a dirt arena.