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[Impressive Zippo three quarters front]
Photograph of Impressive Zippo standing three quarters front in a fenced in pasture. The horse is held by its lead rope by someone off camera.
[Impressive Zippo headshot]
Photograph of a head shot of Impressive Zippo, an American Quarter Horse stallion.
[Chestnut colt]
Photograph of a chestnut colored colt with a star/ stripe marking on its face. The colt also has a right side, rear white sock. The horse is being held by lead rope by a man standing nearly out of frame.
[Matlock Rose cutting]
Photograph of renown horse trainer, Matlock Rose, as he rides horseback cutting a calf in a dirt arena.
[Mare and foal]
Photograph of a mare and foal standing full side in a dirt arena at Oxbow Ranch.