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[Photograph of City Officials Planning an Easter Egg Hunt]
Photograph of city officials planning an Easter Egg Hunt. The man in the foreground is seated at the desk and two men are looking over his shoulder at a bound notepad. Pasted on the back of the photograph is an information sheet from the Times Herald.
[Photograph of Reservoir Construction Managers at White Rock Creek]
Photograph of the three reservoir construction managers of the White Rock Creek Reservoir. On the back of the image, the names of the three men are listed along with their job descriptions.
[Photograph of White Rock Lake- Vulcan Hammer]
Photograph of a Vulcan Hammer at White Rock Lake and the men working on it. The inscription on the bottom explains how the pile driver works.
[Photograph of White Rock Lake- Wakefield Sheeting]
Photograph of the Wakefield sheeting and pile driver at White Rock Lake and the men working on it. The machine is emitting thick, dark smoke into the air. The inscription on the bottom explain and date the image.