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["The Etude" page 248]
The Etude starts on page 248
[A group of Moers standing in front of a building.]
Photograph of a group of people standing in front of a building. The people are identified on the back of the photograph as: C. A. Moers, Marie Moers, Raymond Moers, and Agusta Moers. C. A. Moers, on far left, is standing behind the group with is back to the camera (profile). Marie is wearing her dark coat over her dark dress and white pearls around her neck. Raymond is wearing a sweater over white shirt and dark tie, Agusta is wearing a dark dress with pearls. Palm fronds in foreground. Exterior wall of building with wooden window frames and brick trim in background.
["The Literary Digest" August 14, 1926]
Literary Digest New York August 14, 1926
[Raymond Moers and C. A. Moers]
Photograph of Raymond Moers and C. A. Moers (father?) as written on the back of the photograph. Young man on left is wearing a white shirt, dark pants, stockings and shoes, with a dark striped tie. He is holding a golf cap in his right hand. The man is wearing a dark suit, white shirt, and dark tie. His is holding something in his left hand and has it over his left shoulder. Banana tree in background.
[Raymond Moers, "Ha.Ha."]
Photograph of Raymond Moers titled "Ha.Ha.". Moers is wearing a light colored shirt and tie (photo ends at shoulders". Buildings and trees in left background. Utility pole, two story white building on right.
[Tommie Shuford]
Photograph of Tommie Shuford (as identified on back of photo in blue ink) in foreground (wearing shorts, jacket, print socks) standing in front of a sego palm. In background is the Jane Long Boarding house at 100 South Fourth Street in Richmond, Texas. Back part of the building was the Post Office in 1926 and 1927 faced Morton Street. Shadow of photographer in far right corner. Photo is bordered by black design.
[Train "wreck on G.H. & S.A. near Stafford, Texas"]
Photograph (copy) of a train "wreck on G.H. & S.A. near Stafford, Texas Aug 22, 1926." Men working on the train tracks at center of the photo. Overturned boxcars and wheels can be surrounding the tracks. Scanned image is of the copy.
[Virginia Davis, Antionette Davis, and Syd Davis, Jr. as children.]
Photographic portrait of (left to right) Virginia Davis, Syd Davis, Jr., Antionette Davis, as children. The girls are wearing matching white dresses with gathered ruffle around scoop neckline, 3 ruffles around hem , and flowers with ribbon tails at one shoulder. Syd is wearing white one piece jumper with floral embroidery. Two tears along upper edge: one 1.9 cm from left corner, about 5 cm long; one 2.0 cm from right corner, about 3 cm long.