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["Better Farming" magazine June 1921]
Better Farming Magazine, June 1921, Chicago, Illinois, sent to S.W. Jones
["Better Farming" magazine Vol XLIV]
Better Farming Magazine Vol XLIV No. 2 sent to Y.U. Jones
["Better Farming" magazine vol XLIV, June 1921]
Better Farming, June 1921, vol XLIV
["Capper's Farmer" magazine]
Capper's Farmer Magazine
["Capper's Farmer" magazine January 1923]
Capper's Farmer, January 1923
["The Cattleman" December 1929]
The Cattleman volume XVI, Fort Worth, Texas, December 1929.
["The Literary Digest" December 12, 1925]
The Literary Digest December 12, 1925 mailed to Y.U. Jones