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["Better Farming" magazine June 1921]
Better Farming Magazine, June 1921, Chicago, Illinois, sent to S.W. Jones
["Better Farming" magazine Vol XLIV]
Better Farming Magazine Vol XLIV No. 2 sent to Y.U. Jones
["Better Farming" magazine vol XLIV, June 1921]
Better Farming, June 1921, vol XLIV
["Capper's Farmer" magazine]
Capper's Farmer Magazine
["Capper's Farmer" magazine May 1921]
Capper's Farmer Magazine May 1921
A drill press bought from Sears in 1921.
Mounted on 1 1/2" x 6" board 38" long. Bought from Sears 1921.
[A man wearing a three-piece suit.]
Photograph of a man wearing a three-piece suit who is standing next to an automobile. The man has his right hand on the bar of the top of automobile. A white wooden building is in the background. Bottom of photo in ink reads: Elgin, Texas 1921. Back of photo in black ink reads: Elgin Tex mar 21-1921.
[Mary Jones around age of one, wearing a white dress]
Photographic print of Mary Jones, taken by H.H. Morris, Galveston, Tex. Jones is wearing a white dress and appears to be approximately one year old. Surface of print shows evidence of foxing. 11 cm. tear along crease of folder to left of photograph. Photograph is in a gray folder with a rectangular gray matte in center.
[Photo of Sugar Land teachers taken in front of a tree and buildings]
Photograph (copy) of a group of Sugar Land teachers taken in 1920-21.The women in the photograph are identified as: Gertrude Seal and Ruth Barker. Man on left is wearing a dark suit with dark tie and hat; woman next to him is wearing a plaid (light colors) dress; third man is wearing a dark three-piece suit with a light colored hat; and the woman on right is wearing a dark dress with white trim around the sleeves. Large tree trunk in left background; buildings in background. Scanned image is of the copy.
[Photograph of a young boy leaning on a baseball bat]
Photograph (copy) of a young boy leaning on a baseball bat. He is identified as the son of R. B. Little (probably William A. Little) of Sugar Land. Little is wearing dark knickers with dark colored stockings. He has a white, long sleeved shirt with the sleeves rolled up at the elbows. He is wearing a golf hat. Buildings and trees in the background. Photograph was taken in 1920-21 in Sugar Land, Texas. Scanned image is of the copy.
[Photograph of seven Sugar Land School teachers in front of a tree]
Photograph (copy) of seven Sugar Land School teachers that lived together. They are: Gertrude Seal, Billy Barr, Beatrice Anderson, Ruth Barker, Molly Gilly, Ariann Maze, Etha Savage. All of the women are wearing dark colors except the second from left in back row; she is wearing a light colored dress with a sweater. The women are dressed warmly with stoles and coats. Trunk of a large tree on the left of the group. Houses in the background on the left and right of photograph. Scanned image is of the copy.
[Photograph of seven Sugar Land School teachers in front of water]
Photograph (copy) of seven Sugar Land School teacher that lived together during 1920-21. They are identified as sitting: Gertrude Seal, Billy Barr, Beatrice Anderson ; standing: Ruth Barker , Molly Gilly, Ariann Maze, Etha Savage. The women (all wearing dark colored dresses) are on a wooden barge or pier to a lake. Woman on the far right (standing) is wearing a dark hat and holding a purse in her right hand. The woman in front of her is holding a mandolin. Note at bottom of the picture says: JUST THE CREW. Scanned image is of the copy.
[Photograph of two teachers, Billy Barr and Z.D.]
Photograph (copy) of two teachers identified as Billy Barr and friend Z.D. taken between 1920 and 21. Billy, who has dark short hair, is wearing a dark dress with black stockings and black shoes. The man is wearing dark slacks, white shirt, dark bow tie, and a hat with dark hat band. Penciled in at bottom of photograph is Bill and Z.?. Scanned image is of the copy.
[The R.T. Mulcahy Home.]
Photograph of the R.T. Mulcahy Home as identified on the back of the photograph in ink. The home is a dark painted one and a half story wood house with white trim. The front porch located on the northwest corner, has brick supports and rails at cement steps. A potted plant is on the ledge of porch to the right of the front steps. Vines are climbing on the right side of the porch support and up toward the roof. Shrubs and plants around perimeter of porch and in front of the house on the left. Shrub in foreground (right).
[Raymond Moers standing in front of a fence]
Photograph of Raymond Moers. Moers is standing on a brick sidewalk in front of a picket fence. He is wearing a dark short pants suit with white shirt and dark tie. Bare tree directly behind him. Larger tree with leaves in right background. Two and a half story house in background on left. Stain at top right of photograph.
[Richmond Motor Car Company, ca. 1921.]
Photographic print of Richmond Motor Car Company, ca. 1921. Richmond Motor Car Co. was located on Morton Street (Southwest corner of Morton and 2nd?) in Richmond, owned by T.A. Wessendorff. One story brick building with metal awning. Car ramp at right of picture provides access from the street into the building. Image is mounted on cotton gauze. Image dimensions: 20.2 cm x 14.6 cm. Identification on back in blue pen.
[Turricchi's Café]
Photograph (copy) of Turricchi's Café that was located on the east side of Third Street and Avenue F, June 22, 1921. Sidewalk in far left corner. Puddle of water in foreground. Restaurant sign on dark painted two story building. Two other businesses can be seen on the street. Scanned image is of the copy.
[Two Sugar Land School teachers, Beatrice Anderson and Etha Savage Johnson]
Photograph (copy) of two Sugar Land School teachers. They are identified as: Beatrice Anderson, who taught high school English; and Etha Savage Johnson, who taught fifth grade. The women are wearing sailor-type clothing and are standing on either side of a three with wood and wire structure built around it. A darkly painted house is in the left background. Scanned image is of the copy.