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[Holy Rosary Catholic Church in Rosenberg, Texas]
Postcard image of the Holy Rosary Catholic Church in Rosenberg, Texas. Stucco building with stained glass windows and two crosses on top. Bell tower on northeast corner of church. Statue in an alcove to top left of church front wall. Woman in white dress in foreground. Large trees to right of photo.
["Main Street" in downtown Rosenberg, TX]
Photographic postcard of downtown Rosenberg, TX, ca. 1920. left corner shows Eagle Cafe; Meyer-Forster Land and Loan is on right corner. Automobiles are parked along the streets.
[Palm trees in front of the Rosenberg Depot]
Postcard image of the Rosenberg Depot. The depot is a one story stucco building with sign "ROSENBERG" on the top, front of building. Converging sidewalks can be seen leading to and around the depot. A row of small palm trees is on either side of sidewalk. Top of shrubs in foreground. Water tower in left background. Front of photo in white handwritting: "Beautiful Spot In Rosenberg, Texas".
[Robert E. Lee School, Rosenberg, Texas]
Postcard image of Robert E. Lee School, Rosenberg, Texas. Brick school building. Sidewalk in foreground leads to front steps. Utility pole on far right.
[Second National Bank of Houston]
Postcard issued by Bank of the Southwest using images from F.J. Schlueter Collection. Image is of the Second National Bank of Houston, a three-story brick building in downtown Houston. Text on the back of the postcard reads, "By 1923, the name Lumberman's National Bank did not accurately describe the bank you know today as the Bank of the Southwest. So, Lumberman's became the Second National Bank of Houston. Photograph from the Bank of the Southwest--F.J. Schlueter Collection." Image is from ca. 1923, but postcard is from ca. 1970.