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[Photograph of Wiley Powell Jones]

Description: Portrait of Wiley Powell Jones, brother of Laura Jones and son of Henry Jones. He is posed standing, with his left arm propped up and he is wearing a dark-colored suit. The border around the photograph creates an arch shape. Back of photo states: "Mamas favorite brother of Richmond, TX"
Date: 1886~/1892~
Creator: Anderson
Partner: Fort Bend Museum

[Thirteen children on Dyer Moore lawn]

Description: Copy of photograph of thirteen children posing for the camera on Dyer Moore lawn, 512 S. 11th St., Richmond, 1927. Children are identified as: top row (left arm in air, right leg to the side)--Anida Darst, Janice Ransom, Helen Jane Farmer, Bud Collins, Tommie Shuford, Teet McDonald, Leila Ransom; bottom row, (seated or kneeling)-- Virginia Davis, Antoinette Davis, Mary Jones, Kelley Peareson, Lewis Moore, John M. Moore, III. Original image was returned to donor.
Date: 1927
Partner: Fort Bend Museum