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[George Feris home in Richmond, Texas]

Description: Photograph (copy) of the George Feris home in Richmond, Texas. Back of photo as written by Homer Sharp (in black ink): "This picture was taken from the original, of The Old Doctor George Feris Home here in Richmond. This house was located between the end of Myrtle Street and Preston Street. Mrs. Frazar's Home is located on or near the spot where this old home was. Her home has got all the old lumber and some of the bricks in it, or part of the lumber and bricks the old home had in it. Dr. George Feris had two boys in the Jaybird Woodpecker Feud. Keene Feris and Yandell Feris, Keene Feris is the daddy of Mrs. Frazar and her sister Aunt Bessie Homner. Aunt Bessie let me have the original picture to make this copy. Dr. Feris is standing by the house in the front of the home and Aunt Bessie said she didn't know the names of the people on the upper porch, But was the Feris family. She didn't know when the picture was taken, or where the house was built, But the bricks was hauled from Galveston in ox wagons and she thought the lumber came from Louisiana." Photograph is of a two story, wooden house with columns from bottom porch to roofline. Upper porch has white wood railing. People are standing on upper porch. Porches extend the length of the front of the house. A bearded man with a dark (long) jacket, light pants, hat, and cane is standing next to a saddled white horse.
Date: 1855
Partner: Fort Bend Museum