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[The "Harvey Girls".]
Postcard image of the "Harvey Girls". Photograph shows three women with dark hair pulled loosely up into a bun, wearing dark blouses with white skirts and bib fronts. They are standing on a wooden platform next to a wooden rail. Banana trees in background. Printed on back of postcard: "The Harvey Girls" Photo source Fred Harvey Produced by Beautyway, Box 87, Flagstaff, AZ 86002 20 Co-Producer Fred Harvey. Fred Harvey acquired the title "civilizer of the West" after 1876 with his series of restaurants and hotels along western railroads with vaired foods and excellent service. The foundation for his reputation was the "Harvey Girls, " models of virtue, who were recruited in the East at ages 18 to 30, trained carefully, paid $17.50 per month plus tips and room and board. Here, three waitresses pose at Rosenberg, Texas.
[Postcard image of the Brigham-San Jacinto Monument]
Postcard image (souvenir) of the "Brigham-San Jacinto Monument, As seen at the unveiling on the 26 August, 1881, at the Pavilion, Galveston, Texas". Card has picture of the freestanding monument located in the interior of a building. Monument is draped by the U.S. and Texas flag on its right and left. A statue can be seen in background and a window (glare) above it. Wooden chair on far right.
[Carry Nation wearing a black dress and holding a book]
Photographic postcard of Carry Nation. Nation is dressed in a dark colored dress with buttons that run along the left side of the it. She has a matching cape over her shoulders. She has a long fabric headpiece covering the back of her graying hair. A white flower or bow is tied at the collar. She has three pins pinned to her cape - one is of a hatchet that is pinned on left side of cape. Nation is holding a book on her right hand and her left thumb is resting on a page.
["House In Richmond, Texas Across Road From Entrance To Morton Cemetary"]
Postcard image of "HOUSE IN RICHMOND, TEXAS ACROSS ROAD FROM ENTRANCE TO MORTON CEMETARY C. 1895" as noted in handwriting on back of postcard. A fence is in the foreground with two women standing behind the fence in the front yard. A small tree is on the left side of the photo. The house is a one story building with a chimney on the right side.
[The flood scene in Richmond. Fenced area in foreground.]
Postcard image of the flood scene in Richmond. Fenced area in foreground. Businesses to right. River bridge in background.
[Southern Pacific Railroad Bridge on the Brazos River.]
Postcard image of Southern Pacific Railroad Bridge on the Brazos River, Richmond, Texas. Water at bridge level. Utility pole on far right.
Pre-stamped postcard from Bering-Cortes Hardware Co.
Pre-stamped postcard from Bering-Cortes Hardware Co.
[Carry Nation at her Cave, Eureka Springs, Arkansas.]
Postcard image of Carry Nation at her Cave, Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Same as 1986.003.002.
Carry Nation at her Cave in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.
Postcard image of Carry Nation at her Cave in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.
[Carry Nation dressed in black holding book, standing with a group of men]
Postcard image of Carry Nation (dressed in black holding book). Sign at top of photo reads, "Carry's Act Is Great." Four men to left of photo and one on right.
[Donley's Saloon and Rooming House in Rosenberg, Texas]
Postcard image of Donley's Saloon and Rooming House in Rosenberg, Texas. Banner states "The Gold Standard". Large group of men standing in front of saloon, below balcony of two story, wood building. Part of tree on far left. A lands and loan company building is to right with American flags (2) flying from porch columns. Crease runs from bottom left corner to top middle of photo.
[Express Depot]
Postcard image of the Express Depot. Cart is loaded with silver bullion from Mexico. Carts lined up next to the tracks. Men are standing in front of the carts. Water tower and depot in background, partially obscured by the carts.
[Postcard image of a two and a half story Richmond home]
Postcard image of a Richmond home. Two and a half story, white, wooden house with porch on northwest corner. White picket fence with scalloped design in front of house. Tree branches in front yard have been cut. Partial view of utility pole on far left.
[Thirteen women who were members of the First Baptist Church.]
Photograph of thirteen women who were members of the First Baptist Church of Rosenberg. Names of the women are on the back of the postcard. Names believed to be in order statring with front five. Names are Miss Able, Miss Samson, Miss Cook, Mrs. Ray, Edith Ray, Emma Haman, Mertyl Holloway, Stella Haman, Molli Freeman, Lila Goar, Ruth Freeman, Vita Mulcahy, Alma Oshield.
[Old Rosenberg School]
Postcard image of the Old Rosenberg School. Wooden, white, two-story building. Wooden fence surrounds school. Other buildings in background.
[Third Street and Church Street, Rosenberg, Texas]
Postcard image of the corner of Third Street and Church Street, Rosenberg, Texas. Small wooden building on left. White two-story house surrounded by white picket fence on right. White church building in background. Dirt street in foreground. Blank (white) strip across entire bottom of photo. Yellow stain across right from top to bottom.
[Third Street (old Main Street), view from the depot]
Postcard aerial image of Third Street (Old Main Street) from the depot, Rosenberg, Texas. Top of building to far left has Mail Pouch Tobacco advertisement. Palace Restaurant is two story wood building toward center of photo. Photo has blank (white) line across entire bottom.
[Evelyn Baker Moers (Mrs. C.A. Moers) with her horse.]
Postcard image of Evelyn Baker Moers (Mrs. C.A. Moers) with her horse. A black and white puppy is in the foreground. Picket fence to right and in background. Blank (white) strip across left side.
[First cotton gin (built in 1906)]
Postcard image of the first cotton gin in Rosenberg (built in 1906) during its 1907-08 ginning season. Man standing in foreground. Two men in wagon. Man standing on platform of gin. Bales of cotton on platforms. Two horses grazing on right. Mule wagon on right.
[The Alamo, San Antonio, Texas]
Postcard image of the Alamo, San Antonio, Texas. "Texas Under Six Flags". Colored postcard with Alamo in center with the six different flags above it.
[Della and Therese Wilson in a carriage in front of home in Brazoria, TX]
Photo postcard. Della and Therese Wilson in carriage in front of home in Brazoria, TX. Two dark horses are hitched to a buggy with two women passengers. A white, wooden story and a half house with white picket fence is in the background.
[Ferry boat crossing the Brazos River in Rosenberg, Texas]
Postcard image of ferry boat crossing the Brazos River in Rosenberg, Texas. Two people on ferry. Small rowboat on left bank of river.
[Plaza Hotel in Rosenberg, Texas]
Postcard image of the Plaza Hotel in Rosenberg, Texas. Two-story wooden white building with dark colored shutters. Has front porch and second story balcony. People are standing on front porch and five men are sitting on the front steps. Sidewalk with lamp post in front of hotel. Postcard has tape at top, center.
[Sugar Mill and Refinery in Fort Bend County]
Postcard image of the Sugar Mill and Refinery, "A Million Dollar Plant", in Fort Bend County, Sugar Land, Texas. Train in full steam from left to center of photo. Men working on tracks in center of photo. Line of banana plants on right.
[Union Depot in Rosenberg, Texas]
Postcard image of the Union Depot in Rosenberg, Texas. Train on left. Water tower near center. Two story building on right.
[Ferry Boat Rosenberg, Texas]
Postcard image of "Ferry Boat Rosenberg, Texas", crossing the Brazos River. Three men are on ferry along with three cows and a cart. One man is standing on the cart holding the reins attached to the cows. On the bottom of the postcard is written: "Dear sir; - Here is a souvenir of Rosenberg. Does it look good to you? I will send your one of Main st. some of these days. Ha-ha. Effie" Addressed to Miss Dora Alley, Oxford, Kansas
[Cotton field near Galveston, Texas]
Postcard image of a cotton field near Galveston, Texas. Titled "April Fool" 1907. African-American men harvesting cotton. Two men in center have baskets filled with cotton. Two men on right are picking cotton. Horse and buggy with male driver in background. Trees in distance.
[Rosenberg Public School in 1907]
Photographic postcard of Rosenberg Public School, 1907. Mailed from Needville to Zionsville, IN April 23 1907 to David Phillippi. Bottom of postcard reads: Here is where you will go to school will send Norvel (?) a different one. The school building is a two story wooden building with an enclosure above the front porch. The building has a wooden fence around it. Wooden buildings in the background.
Ben Meyer House built by James Alley
Postcard image of the Alley house in Rosenberg, Texas. House was built by James Alley and then later sold to McCabe. This house was also later purchased by Ben Meyer. Two story white house with columned porch on north west corner of home. Man sitting on bench on front porch. West upper story area near windows has four diamond shapes painted in it. Diamond shape also on rounded rooftop of porch. White picket fence around home.
[Brazos River at flood stage in 1908]
Postcard image of Brazos River at flood stage in 1908. Bank edge in far left corner. Small boat in right corner.
[Dora Alley]
Postcard image of Dora Alley on the porch of her home at the corner of Houston Street and Avenue J in Rosenberg, Texas in 1908. Woman is sitting on the porch rail and leaning against a porch column.
[Ice plant in Rosenberg, Texas in 1908]
Postcard of the ice plant in Rosenberg, Texas in 1908. Tin building with wooden scaffold in front of it. Three men standing on platform with a block of ice. Shrubs in foreground.
[Louis Priester home in Richmond, Texas in 1908.]
Postcard image of Louis Priester home in Richmond, Texas in 1908. One story wood home with porch along front and side. Picket fence in front of house. Tree in far left of photo. Ink label at top of photo.
[Raymond Moers around the age of one]
Postcard image of Raymond Moers in 1908 when he was about one year old. Child wearing white with black shoes is sitting in a wicker stroller.
[500 Turkeys in Sugar Land]
Postcard, Sugar Land, 500 Turkeys. Tenant cabins in background. Turkeys in center of photo. African-American man walking in (left) background.
[Baby Orange Grove]
Postcard image of Baby Orange Grove. Rows of young orange trees. Farmhouse in far background. Lower left corner has white stair-shaped blank area.
[Banana Grove and Train]
Postcard, Banana Grove & R.R. Train in (left) center of photo. Banana trees on both sides of tracks.
Ben Meyer House built by James Alley
Postcard image of the Alley house (later McCabe home) on Houston Street in Rosenberg, Texas. This home was later purchased by Ben Meyer. Northeast corner of house is seen on left of photo. Dark colored roof top, white, wooden house. Diamond shapes painted in several places of upper story. White two story home in center of photo. Another white house on right. Street in foreground. Photo has blank (white) rectangle in top right corner.
[Boy walking down a crowded street in Rosenberg, Texas]
Postcard image of Rosenberg, Texas taken by Schlueter. Horse and buggy in the middle of the street. A boy walking (away from camera) in foreground. Board and Rooms business on left and Real Estate business on right of photo.
[Brazos Brick and Drain-Tile]
Postcard image of Brazos Brick and Drain-Tile. Tile Works building in background. Train tracks run from foreground to background. Cow seen grazing near tracks to left of photo.
[Brazos Brick & Drain Tile works]
Postcard, Brazos Brick & Drain Tile Works with crew in foreground (two men are on horses). Rosenberg, TX.
[Brazos Bridge in Rosenberg. People are gathered on the bridge.]
Postcard, Brazos Bridge-Rosenberg. Horses and buggy on left end of bridge. People standing in center of bridge. Small wood frame house in background.
[Brazos River bridge during construction, Rosenberg, Texas]
Postcard image of Brazos River bridge, Rosenberg, Texas. Colored image of river bridge. African-American men with a wagon in far left corner. Man walking in center foreground.
[Brazos River bridge in Rosenberg. The river is dry under the bridge.]
Postcard, Brazos River bridge, Rosenberg, perhaps at end of construction. A horse drawn buggy with a man driving it is on the bridge. Two adults and two children are also on the bridge. Two men are standing under the bridge in the foreground.
[Brazos River in Rosenberg]
Postcard image of Brazos River, Rosenberg. Bridge to the left of photo. Fence line along left, also.
[Cattle Ranch in Fort Bend]
Postcard, Cattle Ranch-Ft. Bend Co. Cattle in a pasture. One white-faced cow with horns (in center of photo) is facing camera.
[Children at school in Rosenberg]
Postcard image of School, Rosenberg. School building is a wooden, white, two-story building. Children are standing on the front porch. Other children are sitting on the fence that is surrounding the school. An adult and a child are standing in the foreground.
[Commercial Center in Rosenberg]
Postcard image of Commercial Center, Rosenberg. Bales of cotton in foreground. Train in background. Utility pole in foreground.
[Corn & Cotton Hillyer Farm]
Postcard, Corn & Cotton Hillyer Farm. Field with corn on right, cotton on left.
[Cotton and corn field]
Postcard image of cotton and corn. Cotton to left and center, corn in upper right of photo.