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[Photograph of Jane Long holding a fan]
Photograph (copy) of Jane Long purchased from the University of Texas archives, Austin, Texas and given to the Museum. It is a copy of the image in the Barker Archives. Long is seated and wearing a dark dress with white lace at collar. She is holding a fan in her left hand. Her long dark hair is curled and has lace headpieces on either side of her head. Original daguerreotype portrait is in an oval frame and ends at the knee. Scanned image is of the copy. Copy of image measures: 11.5 cm X 13.7 cm.
[Willie B. Blakely (bust shot) as a boy.]
Photographic portrait of Willie B. Blakely (bust shot) as a boy. Blakely appears to be about 12 years old and is wearing a light colored suit coat, white shirt, necktie with thin vertical stripes, and round tie pin. Image is cropped into an oval and mounted onto a pale gray matte. Photographer's mark in silver at lower right: "The Elliots, Austin, Tex." Image dimensions: 8.8 cm x 12.5 cm
[John M. Moore, Jr. as a student at University of Texas]
John M. Moore, Jr. as a student at University of Texas, ca. 1913. Moore is wearing a dark suit, white shirt, dark bow tie. Embossed photographer's mark at lower right, "The Elliots, Austin, Tex." Taken the same day as 1985.026.005.
[John M. Moore, Jr. taken while he was a student.]
Photograph of John M. Moore, Jr. taken while he was a student at the University of Texas, ca. 1912-1915. He is wearing a dark three-piece suit with white shirt (with stand-up collar) and rose print tie. (Original photograph was cut out into an oval.)
[John M. Moore Home in 1914]
Photographic postcard of John M. Moore Home, 1914. Image shows two white rocking chairs at center of front porch. Windows are shuttered. Written in blue ink on back, "Wish you were here with us." Addressed to "Mr. Jno. M. Moore, Jr., 203 West 19th St., Austin, Texas." Green one cent stamp with George Washington, cancelled Richmond, May 24, 7:30 pm, 1914.
[Congressman John M. Moore, Sr. with African American chuck wagon cook]
Postcard of Congressman John M. Moore, Sr. with African American chuck wagon and camp cook, ca. 1915. Moore is standing behind camp table in a three piece suit and hat, with his foot up on the bench. African American chuck wagon cook is sitting on the other bench, wearing a cowboy hat, light shirt, dark pants. Chuck wagon is behind Moore and cook.
[John M. Moore while he was attending the University of Texas.]
Photograph of John M. Moore taken while he was attending the University of Texas ca. 1915. He is facing left and wearing a dark jacket and vest, with a white shirt and dark tie. Bottom right of photo has name of photographer: THE ELLIOTS, AUSTIN, TEX.
[African-American cowboys branding calves at John Moore Ranch]
Photograph of African American cowboys branding calves at John Moore Ranch, ca. 1920. Men are identified on back, left to right, as Joe Foster, Frank Johnson, Judge Mason, Mathina Harris. Johnson is holding branding iron, Mason is holding down calf.
[African-American cowboys branding calves, calf still steaming from branding]
Photograph of African-American cowboys branding calves. Cows in foreground. Three African-American cowboys have a calf down, still steaming from branding. Pen fence in background.
[Cattle in a pen]
Photograph of cattle in Pen. Probably taken at John Moore Ranch the same day at 200.003.002 & 003. Corner of pen in background.
[Needle point picture of a map of Austin's Old 300 Colony.]
Needlepoint picture of a map of Austin's Old 300 Colony. The frame is wooden and velvet. The inside edge is gold metal or wood, the middle is green velvet, and the outside edge is carved wood painted gold.
[T.B. Wessendorff labeled "Uncle Tom".]
Photograph of T.B. Wessendorff labeled "Uncle Tom" on back of photograph in blue ink. Wessendorff is wearing school military jacket and hat. Photograph is mounted on cardboard substrate with a circular design etched around the edge. Bottom of photo reads: S.B. Hill, Austin, Texas.
[Portrait of a young girl wearing a dark dress with white trimming]
Photograph of a young girl. She has short blonde (light brown) hair and is wearing a dark colored dress with white trimming. Back of photo reads: W.J. Oliphant, Photographer, Pecan St., Austin, Texas. Photograph is mounted on cardboard.
[R.E.L. "Bob" Wessendorff as a boy.]
Photograph of R.E.L. "Bob" Wessendorff as a boy (as identified on back of photo in ink). Young man is wearing a dark jacket with shiny buttons (buttoned) down the front, white shirt stand-up collar visible above jacket. He has his hair parted down the center. Photograph is mounted on gray cardboard substrate. Engraved at bottom: MARKS, AUSTIN, TEX. Picture has multiple scratches across it.
[A tintype portrait of Henry Jones.]
Photographic copy of a tintype portrait of Henry Jones. Jones was a member of Austin's "Old Three Hundred." Jones is wearing a dark colored jacket with the lapels of a lighter color seen underneath. He has a sweater and white shirt underneath the jacket. A dark colored tie is tied at the collar of the white shirt. Jones has graying hair with a beard. His wire framed glasses are on his forehead. The scanned image is of the copy.