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Rusty blade.
Rusty blade of a Scythe.
[Scythe used by donor's grandfather, W.W. Williams.]
Scythe used by donor's grandfather, W.W. Williams, of Victoria Co., TX. Snath is wooden with two handles, one at the bottom and one in the middle. The blade is attached by a bolted on bracket.
[Mrs. M.H. Allis.]
Photograph of Mrs. M.H. Allis (identified at bottom of cardboard in pencil). Photo of a woman in dark velvet dress with white collar. She has a pin at the neckline of her dress with a chain that loops and attaches to a locket. Shiny buttons down front of her dress. Faded oval around portrait. Photo is mounted on cardboard substrate with gold trim. Written in black ink at bottom of cardboard: M.L. Potash, Victoria, Texas.
[Professor M.H. Allis. Man with a graying beard.]
Photograph of Professor M.H. Allis. Man with a graying beard. He is wearing a dark-colored suit with white shirt and dark bowtie. Photo has faded oval around portrait. Photograph is mounted on cardboard with gold trim around edges of cardboard. Bottom of cardboard reads: M.L. Potash, Victoria, Texas. Written in pencil on cardboard: Prof M.H. Allis.