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Belter Victorian settee with old rose upholstery.
Belter Victorian settee with old rose upholstery. The back has two large, round upholstered sections (one on either end) and a lower center piece with some upholstery and decorative latticework. The wooden frame has several carved decorations on the arms, legs, and other segments.
[Dr. James A. Gibson, Jr.]
Photograph (copy) of Dr. James A. Gibson, Jr. Gibson is wearing a military uniform with three rows of buttons down the front of his jacket. He has tassels on each shoulder. His cap has a two bayonets that crisscross as an emblem in the center. He has short trimmed hair and a mustache. Scanned image is of the copy.
[Framed Godey's Fashion print of a woman standing and another woman sitting]
Framed Godey's Fashion print. It is in a black frame. The back is covered with brown paper. Has two women, one in peach and light blue holding her hat, and the other sitting on a yellow couch and wearing dark blue.
[Framed Godey's Fashion print of two women holding umbrellas]
Framed Godey's Fashion print. It is in a black frame. The back is covered with brown paper. Has two women, one wearing a blue dress and holding a blue parasol. The other one is wearing a red and tan striped dress and is holding a red parasol.
[Framed Godey's Fashion print, one woman is reading]
Framed Godey's Fashion print. It is in a black frame. The back is covered with brown paper. Has two women, one wearing pink and reading, and the other is wearing lightblue.
[Garden rake head]
The garden rake head has fourteen identical tines all in a row. In between and below the middle two tines is the cone shaped case into which the wooden handle would be inserted.
[Hand powered sewing machine]
Sewing machine, hand powered.
[The "Harvey Girls".]
Postcard image of the "Harvey Girls". Photograph shows three women with dark hair pulled loosely up into a bun, wearing dark blouses with white skirts and bib fronts. They are standing on a wooden platform next to a wooden rail. Banana trees in background. Printed on back of postcard: "The Harvey Girls" Photo source Fred Harvey Produced by Beautyway, Box 87, Flagstaff, AZ 86002 20 Co-Producer Fred Harvey. Fred Harvey acquired the title "civilizer of the West" after 1876 with his series of restaurants and hotels along western railroads with vaired foods and excellent service. The foundation for his reputation was the "Harvey Girls, " models of virtue, who were recruited in the East at ages 18 to 30, trained carefully, paid $17.50 per month plus tips and room and board. Here, three waitresses pose at Rosenberg, Texas.
[Mildred Ryon (Booth)]
Full-length photograph (copy) of Mildred Ryon (Booth). Ryon is wearing a dark skirt with ruffles at hemline. Her matching blouse has long sleeves with fabric covered buttons down the front and ruffles at sleeve hems. White sleeves can be seen underneath the dark and white collar at neckline also. She has various items around her neck- A chain and a fringed ornament at neckline. She has a dark colored braided chain around her hips ending in a tassel on her right hip.Partially covering her curling hair is a dark colored hat with light trim and flowers at the center. She has her left hand resting on the handle of a parasol. Background of portrait is a wooden fence. Scanned image is of the copy.
[Mildred Ryon Wheat Booth.]
Copy of a hand painted photograph in a frame of Mildred Ryon Wheat Booth. Booth, who has long, red-blonde wavy hair, is wearing a dark colored blouse with white with ruffled black trim collar. A blue-green scarf at her neck has tasseled ends. A black with gold trimmed cross pin is in the center of the tied scarf. A gold chain is hanging around the collar, also. The original painting was in an oval frame with gold trim. Scanned image is of the copy.
[Monkey Wrench]
Starting at the bottom, the handle of the monkey wrench is a flat oval shape with two holes, it probably had two wooden pieces, one on each side attached with screws or nails. The neck has a vice that extends all the way to the head to the top of the handle. The head is rectangular with a sloping side. The back of the head is square and looks as though it was used as hammer.
[Red wooden station staff]
Red wooden station staff to surveyor's transit set. Round staff is capped at base with pointed iron end piece. Brass tip at top swivels. The object is called a "Jacob's Staff" and is used by surveyors to support a compass. The pointed end is jabbed into the ground and the compass is attached to the threaded piece at the top. The ball at the top allows the compass to be levelled.
[Surveyor's transit]
Surveyor's transit, mounts with spring-action pin to tripod (1999.012.001b). Face is engraved with cardinal directions, with a star replacing North. Two bubble levels built into face. Degrees and minutes marked around circumference of face. Dial on side changes display on face to read numbers between 1 and 16. Manufacturer: T.F. Randolph, Cincinnati, Ohio. Patent date June 24, 1879. Scope mounts to compass body with screw pins from underneath. Needle tightens by screw action on "W" side of compass. Scope is mounted on a triangular support with single cross beam and center pivot. Focus knob moves but is tight. Surveying equipment belonged to Henry Hamilton Russell (1847-1932) , who came to Hallettsville, Texas from England before 1870. Russell was a surveyor for Lavaca County.
[A white two story house with small central upper and lower porches.]
Photo of a white two story house with small central upper and lower porches, dark 'shutters, Brick chimney on right end, white picket fence around yard. Five African Americans standing among trees to the left of house. Three boys and a dog standing on and next to steps to front gate. Man, woman, girl standing in front of bottom porch. Five people (three men, two women?) standing on upper porch. Several outbuildings visible behind the house. Image is faded and yellow. Image is mounted on thin cardboard matte. Matte is missing lower right corner and upper right corner. Image dimensions: 24.2 cm x 19.1 cm. Photo is often referred to as "Old Prairie Home" of the Jones/Ryon family (George Ranch). Digital enhancement (performed 12/1999) of back side of matte revealed "Mr. Walter Jones, Richmond, Tex." written faintly in pencil.
[Whitten Home, Richmond.]
Photograph of Whitten Home, Richmond. Home was originally located on the 300 block of Jackson St., now is located at 500 Houston Street as the Long-Smith Cottage. One story wood home, double chimneys, central front porch. Four people are standing on the front porch. White fence encloses yard. Large, bare tree in yard at left. Image is mounted on a tan cardboard matte. Image dimensions are 21.3 cm x 15.0 cm. Image is very faded and yellow. Matte is damaged as follows: lower right corner broken off; missing piece along upper edge, 7.5-12.5 cm from left corner.
[Wooden tripod base]
Wooden tripod base to 1999.012.001a. Metal covered tip is missing from bottom of one of three turned legs. Levels transit with four screw knobs.
H.B. Scutt barbed wire, Patented September 21, 1880
H.B. Scutt barbed wire, Patented September 21, 1880