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[Carrie E. Secrest (Jeffries)]
Photograph of Carrie E. Secrest (Jeffries), born February 15, 1865. This photo was taken when Carrie was 18 years old. She is the daughter of Felix G. & Martha Ann Secrest. Information was written on the back of the photo in blue ink. Carrie is wearing a dress with dark colors and insets of lighter colors with stripe. The dress has a jacket with dark trim. She is wearing a scarf with fringe at bottom and tied at the neckline. Carrie has a hat with light and dark colors and feathers on right. She has very long wavy hair that is braided into braid thrown over her right shoulder. She is seated in an upholstered chair and has her left arm resting on a tasseled arm of chair.
[Charlie Anders, Joe Anders, John Baker, George Baker, Albert George, and Earl McFarland]
Tintype image of six boys identified (from copy in George Family Archives) as: Charlie Anders, Joe Anders, John Baker, George Baker, Albert George, and Earl McFarland. Three boys in the front row are seated (the two on the left are wearing dark jackets and hats, all three are not wearing shoes.) The three boys in back row are standing (boy in center is wearing a dark vest, striped shirt, light hat).
[J.E. Dyer Store on Morton Street in Richmond, Texas]
Original print of J.E.Dyer Store on Morton Street in Richmond, Texas. Two story building. Men are standing in the foreground. A boy is sitting on the hitching post. These men were possibly jurors in Fort Bend County.
[Richmond School Children , ca. 1883-1885.]
Photographic portrait of Richmond School Children , ca. 1883-1885. Photo shows man, two women, and 46 children. Photo is darkened and yellowed. It is mounted on a tan cardboard matte. Matte has all four corners broken off, with break at bottom left cutting across the image. Image is also torn along right edge near the bottom. Identifications were originally written in pencil on back of matte. Those that were dark enough to decipher were copied over in blue pen. Identifications are as follows, left to right, top to bottom: Fannie Lamar, Mary Kohan, Carrol Bar___, Mattie Bull, P_____ Dyer, Phil McGee, See Dyer, Walter McGowan, Jimmy Dyer, B_____ Davis, Bassett Blakely, Mary Kochan, __allie Ryon, Bille Dyan (Ryon?), Miss Julie Norwood, Mrs. Norwood, Mr. _______, Tonie Wessendorff, John Baker, Joe _______, _______,________, _______, ________, Nettie ________ [Laurie Winston], Kate _________, Howard Dyer, Will Andrus, Lizzie McGee, Pearlie Winston, Jennie Jones, Annie Sommerville, Lida Beker, Birdie Winston, Leila ________, Alex Davis, Charlie ______, Mildred ______, Mildred Davis, Minnie Mahue, Lillie Rambeau, Mamie Davis, Winnie Warford, Alli________, ________, ________, _______, _______, ______.
[Double strand, C.C. Baker flat barbed wire.]
Double strand, C.C.Baker flat barbed wire, modification of patent, February 17, 1883