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[House identified on back in pencil as W.K. Davis House.]

Description: photograph of house identified on back in pencil as W.K. Davis House, located at the corner of Jackson and 4th St. in Richmond. Two story house, unpainted, with double porches across front of home. Three chimneys visible on left side of house. Three people are standing on the front steps. Trees are bare, trunks are protected with wooden enclosures. Slat board fence encloses yard of house. Image is mounted on a tan cardboard matte. Bottom left corner of matte is broken off as of 3/2000. Allover foxing, fading, yellowing. Image dimensions: 21.1 cm x 13.8 cm
Date: 1890~
Partner: Fort Bend Museum

[Richmond School Children , ca. 1883-1885.]

Description: Photographic portrait of Richmond School Children , ca. 1883-1885. Photo shows man, two women, and 46 children. Photo is darkened and yellowed. It is mounted on a tan cardboard matte. Matte has all four corners broken off, with break at bottom left cutting across the image. Image is also torn along right edge near the bottom. Identifications were originally written in pencil on back of matte. Those that were dark enough to decipher were copied over in blue pen. Identifications are as follows, left to right, top to bottom: Fannie Lamar, Mary Kohan, Carrol Bar___, Mattie Bull, P_____ Dyer, Phil McGee, See Dyer, Walter McGowan, Jimmy Dyer, B_____ Davis, Bassett Blakely, Mary Kochan, __allie Ryon, Bille Dyan (Ryon?), Miss Julie Norwood, Mrs. Norwood, Mr. _______, Tonie Wessendorff, John Baker, Joe _______, _______,________, _______, ________, Nettie ________ [Laurie Winston], Kate _________, Howard Dyer, Will Andrus, Lizzie McGee, Pearlie Winston, Jennie Jones, Annie Sommerville, Lida Beker, Birdie Winston, Leila ________, Alex Davis, Charlie ______, Mildred ______, Mildred Davis, Minnie Mahue, Lillie Rambeau, Mamie Davis, Winnie Warford, Alli________, ________, ________, _______, _______, ______.
Date: 1883/1885
Partner: Fort Bend Museum

[Photograph of Wiley Powell Jones]

Description: Portrait of Wiley Powell Jones, brother of Laura Jones and son of Henry Jones. He is posed standing, with his left arm propped up and he is wearing a dark-colored suit. The border around the photograph creates an arch shape. Back of photo states: "Mamas favorite brother of Richmond, TX"
Date: 1886~/1892~
Creator: Anderson
Partner: Fort Bend Museum

[Richmond Motor Car Company, ca. 1921.]

Description: Photographic print of Richmond Motor Car Company, ca. 1921. Richmond Motor Car Co. was located on Morton Street (Southwest corner of Morton and 2nd?) in Richmond, owned by T.A. Wessendorff. One story brick building with metal awning. Car ramp at right of picture provides access from the street into the building. Image is mounted on cotton gauze. Image dimensions: 20.2 cm x 14.6 cm. Identification on back in blue pen.
Date: 1921~
Partner: Fort Bend Museum

[Wessendorff Lumber Yard, about 1906.]

Description: Photograph of Wessendorff Lumber Yard, about 1906. Long lumber sheds on left and right sides of image. Mule cart with three African American men sitting on top of a load of lumber are at center. The two men standing in front of the cart in white shirts holding books are T.B. Wessendorff and Ed Wessendorff. Two more white men are standing at the corner of the right shed at the right edge of the photo. Image is mounted on tan cardboard matte. Top right and bottom left corners are broken off. There are pencil marks all over the image surface. Image dimensions: 17.4 cm x 12.0 cm
Date: 1906~
Partner: Fort Bend Museum

[Richmond School children (all about 8-10 yrs old).]

Description: photographic school portrait of Richmond School children (all about 8-10 yrs old.), ca. 1890. Children are posed on steps between two octagonal white pillars, with dark brick wall and double door behind them. Boys are in rows 1 & 4, girls in rows 2 & 3. Several girls and boys are holding their hats in their laps. Identified children are: front row, 4th from left--Joe Jones; 5th from left--Walter Jones. Top row, 1st on left--Bob Wessendorff. Image is mounted on a tan cardboard matte. Matt shows all over foxing and all four corners are broken/rounded. Image size:17.2 cm x 12.1 cm
Date: 1890~
Partner: Fort Bend Museum

[T.B. Wessendorff Lumber Company. People in front of the store.]

Description: Photographic print of T.B. Wessendorff Lumber Company and Undertakers Supplies, Richmond, TX., ca. 1895. Print is mounted on tan cardboard matte. Store is a one story wood frame building with porch across front. Wagon load of lumber with three African American men sitting on top is parked in front of the store to the left. Horse and buggy with 2 white children in buggy and African American boy standing with the horse is parked to the right of the building. Identification of people is written in black pen on the back of the photo as follows: "T.B. Wessendorff in white shirt by door; Baby in doorway probably Marguerite Wesendorff; Jennie Jones Wessendorff in front of window; Lizzie Wessendorff in white dress on right side of porch; Jennetta Wessendorff in phaeton (buggy)." Photograph and matte have four black ink spots. All four corners of matte are broken off as of 3/2000.
Date: 1895~
Partner: Fort Bend Museum

[Real F. Ransom Wholesale Groceries & Grain, Richmond, Texas.]

Description: Photograph of Real F. Ransom Wholesale Groceries & Grain, Richmond, Texas. Three men standing at doorways are not identified. Horse and wagon parked outside of store on the right. Train car #11058, Choctaw Route, is parked outside of store to the left. Store is a one story rectangular building with store name printed on the false front fa├žade. Image is faded and yellow; image dimensions are 15.3 cm w. x 10.0 cm h. Image is mounted on a black cardboard matte. Matte is in excellent condition except for a few small surface tears along the edges. Back of matte is pale gray. Surface damage suggests old tape removal?
Date: 1895~
Partner: Fort Bend Museum

[Jennetta (left) and Lizzie (right) Wessendorff, ca. 1901.]

Description: Photograph of Jennetta (left) and Lizzie (right) Wessendorff, ca. 1901. Girls are wearing similar white dresses with pin tucked yokes and sleeves. Body of Jennetta's dress is also pin tucked; Lizzie's is gathered. Dresses have ribbon clusters at both shoulders. Girls' heads are touching. Image is mounted on a black cardboard matte with gray borders immediately around image and double gray lines around edge of matte. Photographer's mark on right edge of matte, "C.R. Blackburn, Houston, Texas." Image dimensions: 14.0 cm x 9.9 cm. It appears like the back layers of the original matte have been peeled away, exposing tan cardboard interior on the back of the photo.
Date: 1901~
Creator: Blackburn, C.R.
Partner: Fort Bend Museum

[Richmond School pupils, 7th through 10th grades]

Description: Photograph of the Richmond School pupils, 7th through 10th grades. There are eight boys (all wearing hats) sitting on the grass in the front row. Two girls are standing on a brick rail to the front steps on the right of photo. Students and teachers (2 on right) are also standing/sitting in three of the visible windows. Photograph is mounted on gray cardboard substrate. Cardboard is worn at edges with pieces being broken at top left, and bottom right and left. Back of photo in pencil: Richmond School- 7th -10th gr. 1906-07.
Date: 1906/1907
Partner: Fort Bend Museum

[1941 Studebaker car]

Description: Photograph of a 1941 Studebaker automobile, believed to be a Champion or a Commander model. Front view of automobile parked at street curb with the passenger door open. Print has small black dots in far right corner.
Date: 1941~
Partner: Fort Bend Museum

[Two women standing on a bridge.]

Description: Photograph of two women standing on a bridge. One woman is wearing white with a white hat and the other is wearing a light-colored dress with a dark-colored hat. They are standing to the right side of the bridge. Shadows of people can be seen in the foreground. Photo is bent at each corner.
Date: 1922~
Partner: Fort Bend Museum

[Anton Wessendorff.]

Description: Copy print of an 1860 charcoal portrait of Anton Wessendorff, taken from a book. Wessendorff is visible from the chest up and is wearing a dark jacket and tie with a light-colored shirt; he also has a full beard and mustache.
Date: unknown
Partner: Fort Bend Museum

[Rosenberg street after ice storm]

Description: Copy of photo of Rosenberg street after ice storm. Three people on sidewalk at right of photo underneath power line. Steeple of church visible in background on left side of street. Photo is labeled by photographer, "Ice covered Street at Rosenberg, Tex. Dec 20, 24."
Date: 1924
Partner: Fort Bend Museum