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[Wessendorff Lumber Yard, about 1906.]

Description: Photograph of Wessendorff Lumber Yard, about 1906. Long lumber sheds on left and right sides of image. Mule cart with three African American men sitting on top of a load of lumber are at center. The two men standing in front of the cart in white shirts holding books are T.B. Wessendorff and Ed Wessendorff. Two more white men are standing at the corner of the right shed at the right edge of the photo. Image is mounted on tan cardboard matte. Top right and bottom left corners are broken off. There are pencil marks all over the image surface. Image dimensions: 17.4 cm x 12.0 cm
Date: 1906~
Partner: Fort Bend Museum

["K. Hillyer Farm, Rosenberg Development Co."]

Description: Obverse: Photograph of K. Hillyer Farm, Rosenberg Development Co., Rosenberg Tex, shows cotton field with a house in the background with three people on the porch, 1908 written in red ink; reverse: POST CARD, Ella's Picture Sept. 1908, Charles E. Myers in ink, Schlueters Advertising & Souvenir Photographs Houston, Phone 6017 Old.
Date: 1908/1909
Partner: Fort Bend Museum

[The home of Dr. and Mrs. John S. Yates]

Description: Photograph (copy) of the home of Dr. and Mrs. John S. Yates built in 1909. The home was located on the corner of Avenue M and Fourth Street in Rosenberg, Texas. The house is a one and a half story white wooden building with a columned porch. Porch has railing at bottom and at top. Pot plant boxes sit along the rail of the porch steps. Shrubs in front of the house, and a fence can be seen in the foreground. A bare tree partially obscures the house. Scanned image is of the copy.
Date: 1909~
Partner: Fort Bend Museum

[Jennetta (left) and Lizzie (right) Wessendorff, ca. 1901.]

Description: Photograph of Jennetta (left) and Lizzie (right) Wessendorff, ca. 1901. Girls are wearing similar white dresses with pin tucked yokes and sleeves. Body of Jennetta's dress is also pin tucked; Lizzie's is gathered. Dresses have ribbon clusters at both shoulders. Girls' heads are touching. Image is mounted on a black cardboard matte with gray borders immediately around image and double gray lines around edge of matte. Photographer's mark on right edge of matte, "C.R. Blackburn, Houston, Texas." Image dimensions: 14.0 cm x 9.9 cm. It appears like the back layers of the original matte have been peeled away, exposing tan cardboard interior on the back of the photo.
Date: 1901~
Creator: Blackburn, C.R.
Partner: Fort Bend Museum

[Richmond School pupils, 7th through 10th grades]

Description: Photograph of the Richmond School pupils, 7th through 10th grades. There are eight boys (all wearing hats) sitting on the grass in the front row. Two girls are standing on a brick rail to the front steps on the right of photo. Students and teachers (2 on right) are also standing/sitting in three of the visible windows. Photograph is mounted on gray cardboard substrate. Cardboard is worn at edges with pieces being broken at top left, and bottom right and left. Back of photo in pencil: Richmond School- 7th -10th gr. 1906-07.
Date: 1906/1907
Partner: Fort Bend Museum

[Congregation of the Christian Church of Rosenberg]

Description: Photograph (copy) of the congregation of the Christian Church of Rosenberg, Built in the 1900's on Third Street and Avenue J. A man wearing a dark suit and bowtie with white shirt, is standing to the left of photo and to the left of a large group of people. All of the women and children in the first row except one, are wearing white dresses. The one woman in the center of first row is wearing a black skirt, white belt and blouse, dark beads, and a large dark hat. The group is standing in front of the church double doors (one door is open, the other closed.) Scanned image is of the copy.
Date: 1900~
Partner: Fort Bend Museum

[A horse and wagon.]

Description: Photograph mounted on cardboard substrate of a horse and wagon. Wagon is decorated and has a sign: Texas Lands and Loans, Fort Bend County. Wagon has people waving flags in it. Two story wood building in background. Top, right corner is broken (piece missing). Back of photo in pencil: Mrs. Irma (unreadable) about 70 years ago (1904?) corner Morton and ? On same side of Morton present City Hall and across from the city hall.
Date: 1904
Partner: Fort Bend Museum

Our Home in Texas

Description: Postcard, Our Home in Texas. Wire fence in foreground. Man and dog on left. Children in between man and woman. Horses in background. Farmhouse on right. Barn on left with "H.F. Pitstick" painted on it.
Date: 1909
Partner: Fort Bend Museum

[Plaza Hotel in Rosenberg, Texas]

Description: Postcard image of the Plaza Hotel in Rosenberg, Texas. Two-story wooden white building with dark colored shutters. Has front porch and second story balcony. People are standing on front porch and five men are sitting on the front steps. Sidewalk with lamp post in front of hotel. Postcard has tape at top, center.
Date: 1907
Partner: Fort Bend Museum

[Children at school in Rosenberg]

Description: Postcard image of School, Rosenberg. School building is a wooden, white, two-story building. Children are standing on the front porch. Other children are sitting on the fence that is surrounding the school. An adult and a child are standing in the foreground.
Date: 1909
Partner: Fort Bend Museum