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[The observance of the 100th anniversary of the Methodist Church.]

Description: Photograph of the observance of the 100th anniversary of the Methodist Church in Richmond, Texas. As stated on back in green ink (and blue) the church was founded in 1839 (January 22) and celebrated its 100th anniversary in 1939.Goup of people standing in church yard (including choir dressed in white robe tops to center of photo). Small bare shrub in right corner of photo. Church to left background. White two-story building in far background and large tree to right.
Date: 1939
Partner: Fort Bend Museum

[Lourdes Grotto on the grounds of the Catholic Church]

Description: Photograph (copy) of the Lourdes Grotto on the grounds of the Catholic Church at Avenue H and 6th Streets in Rosenberg, Texas. Taken in 1937. The grotto is a rock formation with an opening that has an altar inside. A statue of the Blessed Mary can be seen in an alcove to the top right of the grotto. The grotto is covered with greenery and surrounded by it also. Small wooden building with lattice in front of it on far right of photo. Scanned image is of the copy. Dimensions are of the copy.
Date: 1937
Partner: Fort Bend Museum

[Holy Rosary Catholic Church, a stucco building]

Description: Photograph (copy) of the Holy Rosary Catholic Church built in 1925 on the corner of Avenue H and 6th Street. The church is a stucco building with the bell tower on the northeast corner. A cross tops the bell tower and another one tops the building above the double door entrance. A Priest in black robe is standing on front steps of church. A statue can be seen on a ledge at the top of the northwest corner of the church. A large tree can be seen on far right of photo. Bottom of photo reads: THE HOLY ROSARY CHURCH, ROSENBERG, TEXAS, WHERE THE FIRST SOLEMN EUCHARISTIC PROCESSION WAS HELD ON 7TH OF JUNE, 1931. FIVE THOUSAND PEOPLE WERE IN ATTENDANCE. Scanned image is of the copy, as are the dimensions.
Date: June 7, 1931
Partner: Fort Bend Museum

[Wooden shipping box]

Description: Wooden shipping box for "Kelly Perfect Axes, Kelly Axe & Tool Works of the American Fork & How Co. Charleston, W.Va., USA." (preceding text printed on side of box) Box contained "4 to 5 Dayton Pattern No. 2 hdls Red Tip Thin Blade," according to text printed on bottom of the box. 10-19-1937 imprinted on one end of the box. Water stains evident on wood.
Date: 1937
Partner: Fort Bend Museum

[Ruby Lois Wendt and Marilyn Nichols]

Description: Photographic print of Ruby Lois Wendt and Marilyn Nichols, 1938. Ruby is wearing a striped button up short sleeve blouse with matching shorts. She is seated on a large rock. Marilyn is wearing a white button up blouse with matching shorts. She is leaning against a large tree in the background. River and trees in the background.
Date: 1938
Partner: Fort Bend Museum

[Group portrait of St. Theresa (Czech) Lodge]

Description: Group portrait of St. Theresa (Czech) Lodge with Catholic priest in front of Rosenberg Lodge Hall, ca. 1935. Members of group who are identified on the back in pencil are: Mrs. Amelia Hrncir, Julia Perietz, Clara Maresh, Mrs. Matina, Annie Perietz, Lillie Maresh, Marie Matina, Celia Perietz. The priest is standing next to the third row on far right of photograph. White wooden building in background. Top of a flag in back row, left. Two girls are holding a banner on right, front row. Writing in Czech at bottom of photograph. Scanned image is of the copy.
Date: 1935
Partner: Fort Bend Museum

[Emma Phillippi Miller, Rosenberg resident, standing in front of trees]

Description: Photographic image of Emma Phillippi Miller, Rosenberg resident, standing in yard or park. Miller is wearing a light colored dress with (darker colored) hat and purse. There is a small tree to the right and three trees in the background. A house in distant left and a wooden building in distant right. Photograph has black trim on the right and left side of photograph (the trim may have been cut from top and bottom). Written on back in pencil: Miss Emma Phillippi Rosenberg, Texas. Purple stamp on back of photo reads: Guaranteed for Life This is a Genuine Border Fox Tone Picture Made by Fox Company, San Antonio, Texas Trade Mark Protected.
Date: 1930
Partner: Fort Bend Museum

[West end of Rosenberg]

Description: Photographic postcard West end of Rosenberg, showing curve in road. Railroad overpass in background. Postcard mailed from Norveil Phillippi to his mother, Hattie Phillippi in Indianapolis, IN, May 9, 1932.
Date: May 9, 1932
Partner: Fort Bend Museum