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[Birth Certificate for John Malcolm Keenan Jerome Rogers]

Description: Birth Certificate for John Malcolm Keenan Jerome Rogers. Born October 12, 1892 in Galveston. Father Thomas Josiah Rogers, Galveston, (a painting contractor) Jane Theresa Hussey, from Galveston (a house wife. (#4 of 4 documents that were bound together)
Date: October 12, 1892
Item Type: Letter
Partner: Fort Bend Museum

[Five young women and Four young men]

Description: Group portrait of 5 young women and 4 young men. Portrait is informal, with one woman in the top row lighting a cigarette for the man on her right, and one man on the bottom row offering a cigarette to the woman on his left. Image is mounted on a cardboard substrate with scalloped edges. Photographer's mark: "George H. Wonfor, Artist and Photographer." Wonfor worked in Galveston 1896-1897.
Date: 1896
Item Type: Photograph
Partner: Fort Bend Museum