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[Stanley Bailey No. 28 transitional fore plane]
Stanley Bailey No. 28 transitional fore plane. Has a beech wood stock with what looks similar to an iron plane screwed to the top. The front of the iron setting starts 5.2 cm from the face/sole and ends 6.2 cm before the heel. Between the iron and wood is a thin wooden board that has been cut into the shape of the iron piece. At the front of the iron is a mushroom shaped knob which is screwed on. The iron is not very wide here but gets wider towards the center where it takes on a rectangular shape. There is now a hole in the wood stock that is lined with iron. The front is straight but the back slopes upward so that the hole at the bottom is .7 cm X 6 cm and the top is 7.5 cm X 6 cm. Within this hole, from the back forward, is the frog, cutter, basic iron and lever cap. The lever cap has a diamond texture on the front. The frog has an adjustment screw. At this point the iron piece once again gets thinner but longer than the front. ON top of the iron is a cross between an L and 2-shaped handle with part of the very top broken off and two nails sticking out. There is a screw in the top of the handle. There is another screw in the very back of the entire iron piece.
[A "State of Texas" deed signed by Wm Richter C.D. Barrnet]
A deed signed by Wm Richter C.D. Barrnet of Weimar Lodge No 2001, 1.0.0.F. for the consideration of 10 dollars paid by Thos. J. Rogers and his heirs for a certain parcel or lot of ground, 18x20 feet No 17 situated inside of the enclosure of the Odd Fellows Rest in the vicinity of the town of Weimar. Signed Sept 5 1887
[Students at Richmond Public School in 1887]
Original mounted print on cardboard. Students at Richmond Public School. On the front row there are six girls seated on the left and there are five boys (one sitting and the rest kneeling) to the right of the photo. Students of Richmond Public School (about 1887) are identified as: Back Row: 1. Fanny Lamar 2. Mary Preister 3. ? 4. Mattie Bell 5. Reg. Dyer 6. ? 7. Cecil Dyer 8. ? 9. ? 10. Albert George 11. Bassett Blakely Second Row: 1. Minnie Preister 2. ? 3. Bell Dyer 4. Julia Norwood 5. ? Norwood 6. Professor Norwood 7. Tony Wessendorff 8. John Baker 9. ? 10. George Baker Third Row: 1. Bessie McCloy 2. Lillie Winston 3. ? 4. Nina Bell 5. Kate Eckman 6. Heard Dyer 7. ? 8. ? Fourth Row: Lizzie McGee 2. Pearl Winston 3. Jennie Jones 4. Annie Somerville 5. Lyda Baker 6. Bertie Winston 7. Lola Jones 8. Alex Davis 9. Charlie Andrews 10. Will Robinson Fifth Row: 1. Maybell Davis 2. Winnie McGee 3. Lilly Rambolt 4. Mamie Davis 5. Minnie Waffles 6. Allie Ogilby 7. Freddie Kochan 8. Earl McFarlane 9. Bush Pleasants 10. Len McFarlane 11. ?
[Surveyor's transit]
Surveyor's transit, mounts with spring-action pin to tripod (1999.012.001b). Face is engraved with cardinal directions, with a star replacing North. Two bubble levels built into face. Degrees and minutes marked around circumference of face. Dial on side changes display on face to read numbers between 1 and 16. Manufacturer: T.F. Randolph, Cincinnati, Ohio. Patent date June 24, 1879. Scope mounts to compass body with screw pins from underneath. Needle tightens by screw action on "W" side of compass. Scope is mounted on a triangular support with single cross beam and center pivot. Focus knob moves but is tight. Surveying equipment belonged to Henry Hamilton Russell (1847-1932) , who came to Hallettsville, Texas from England before 1870. Russell was a surveyor for Lavaca County.
[T.V. Allis "Buck thorn" barbed wire.]
T.V. Allis "Buck thorn" barbed wire, wide, medium and narrow widths. Patented July 26, 1881
[A white two story house with small central upper and lower porches.]
Photo of a white two story house with small central upper and lower porches, dark 'shutters, Brick chimney on right end, white picket fence around yard. Five African Americans standing among trees to the left of house. Three boys and a dog standing on and next to steps to front gate. Man, woman, girl standing in front of bottom porch. Five people (three men, two women?) standing on upper porch. Several outbuildings visible behind the house. Image is faded and yellow. Image is mounted on thin cardboard matte. Matte is missing lower right corner and upper right corner. Image dimensions: 24.2 cm x 19.1 cm. Photo is often referred to as "Old Prairie Home" of the Jones/Ryon family (George Ranch). Digital enhancement (performed 12/1999) of back side of matte revealed "Mr. Walter Jones, Richmond, Tex." written faintly in pencil.
[Whitten Home, Richmond.]
Photograph of Whitten Home, Richmond. Home was originally located on the 300 block of Jackson St., now is located at 500 Houston Street as the Long-Smith Cottage. One story wood home, double chimneys, central front porch. Four people are standing on the front porch. White fence encloses yard. Large, bare tree in yard at left. Image is mounted on a tan cardboard matte. Image dimensions are 21.3 cm x 15.0 cm. Image is very faded and yellow. Matte is damaged as follows: lower right corner broken off; missing piece along upper edge, 7.5-12.5 cm from left corner.
[Woman and two little boys.]
Photograph of woman and two little boys, identified on back as Mrs. B.A. Hinson, Walter and Gus Hinson. Mrs. Hinson is wearing a dark, solid colored Victorian dress with pleats extending from the neckline to the waist line. She is wearing a leaf shaped brooch at her neck. The boys are both dressed in jackets and knickers, White shirts with round collars(child on left has round, ruffled collar), cravat ties. Both are holding hats. Image is mounted on a white card identifying the photographer as Guy and Cooke, of Houston.
[Wooden tripod base]
Wooden tripod base to 1999.012.001a. Metal covered tip is missing from bottom of one of three turned legs. Levels transit with four screw knobs.
[Wrench with a pointed end]
It has one wrench head. The handle starts out flat and then rounds out and forms a point at the very end.