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[Women eating lunch at a table set up in a yard.]

Description: Photograph of women eating lunch at a table set up in a yard. Black and white image has been hand tinted in pink and green tones. Women are identified from left to right as follows: _______, Mrs. J.W. Slavin, _______, Mrs. Archie [Davis] Jones, Miss Fannie Sansbury, Mrs. Rachel Davis, Mrs. Mary McGee. Photograph has been removed from its original matte. Matte is a gray tri-fold enclosure with scalloped edges. Photograph opening has a slightly arched top.
Date: 1930
Partner: Fort Bend Museum

[Wooden shipping box]

Description: Wooden shipping box for "Kelly Perfect Axes, Kelly Axe & Tool Works of the American Fork & How Co. Charleston, W.Va., USA." (preceding text printed on side of box) Box contained "4 to 5 Dayton Pattern No. 2 hdls Red Tip Thin Blade," according to text printed on bottom of the box. 10-19-1937 imprinted on one end of the box. Water stains evident on wood.
Date: 1937
Partner: Fort Bend Museum