The town of Fort Griffin in Shackelford County, Texas was formed in the late 1860s. It grew quickly and gained a reputation as a lawless frontier outpost. It attracted outlaws such as John Wesley Hardin, lawmen Patrick F. Garrett, Doc Holiday, and Wyatt Earp, as well as men and women like Lottie Deno, Mollie McCabe, John Selman, and John M. Larn, who operated on both sides of the law.

By 1874, the lawlessness at Fort Griffin became so extreme that the commander of the fort placed the town under government control and forced a number of residents to leave. The situation improved after the organization of Shackelford County later that year. The Fort Griffin Echo was published from 1879 to 1882. It was published weekly and provided local, state, and national news as well as advertising.

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