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Aerial View of the Pens at the Chicago Union Stockyards
Aerial photograph of the pens at the Chicago Union Stockyards in 1962.
Hughie Long on a Bull
Hughie Long hangs on as he rides a bucking bull during Chicago's World Fair in 1933.
Texas Automobile Dealers and Factory Representatives Banquet, 1916
Photograph of a large amount of men in dark suits seated around dinner tables in a banquet hall. Most of the men are wearing vests and all are wearing bow ties or neckties. Some of the men have mustaches or glasses. The tables are covered in white tablecloths and fine dinnerware with small lamps. The ornate room is topped with a balcony upon which Texas flags are hanging and there is a chandelier is hanging from the ceiling. In the bottom right-hand corner are the words, "Fort Worth Star-Telegram Banquet to Texas Automobile Dealers and Factory Representatives, Blackstone Hotel, Chicago, Jan. 26, 1916" and in the bottom left is, "Kaufmann and Fabry Co., Chicago".