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Building on Fire, Galveston, Texas
Photograph of a large building on fire and crumbling after a large storm in Galveston, Texas. The back half of the building is gone and the roof in the center of the frame is falling. There are piles of debris surrounding the building. Two men with fire hoses are spraying the building. In the foreground are train or trolley tracks and a truck bed.
Crushed Garage After Galveston, Texas Storm, 1915
Photograph of two men and a crushed car amongst piles of debris after a storm in Galveston, Texas. The car is underneath piles of brick and a man in a newsboy cap is leaning on it. On the car are the numbers, "1507". In the background is a large pile of bricks and a man in suspenders, all within tin walls.
Galveston, Texas After Storm in 1915
Photograph of Galveston, Texas after a storm. In the foreground on the right is a large pile of debris, mostly wooden beams. On the left side of the frame is a man walking beside a building with a covered sidewalk. On the awning it reads, "Cafe Hotel, Seawall Cafe". Further down the sidewalk are more buildings and a few people on the wet sidewalk. On the right side in the background are parked cars.