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[Alicia Bermudagrass]
Photograph of Alicia Bermudagrass. Text at the top of the photograph reads: "Alicia Bermudagrass sprouting green leaves on March 11, 1973 in Wichita County, Texas. (Photographed on Ross Roberts' Farm in Wichita Valley near Iowa Park, Tex.)"
Photograph of a Curleymesquite plant.
[Field of Tam Wintergreen Hardinggrass]
Photograph of James Read and three cows in a field of Tam Wintergreen Hardinggrass. There is a sign showing the name of the grass in the middle of the photograph.
[Photograph of Two Cenchrus Plants]
Photograph of two Cenchrus plants placed on a black card.
Wray Finney
Photograph of Wray Finney speaking at the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Annual Convention in April 1976. He wears a suit and tie. He has a name tag on his lapel.