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B. Y. Sawyer
Studio photograph of B.Y. Sawyer as a young boy. He is smiling and barefoot and wearing a white shirt with a large plaid bow-tie and short striped pants. On the floor in front of him is a toy train and behind him are large curtains and a toy cat. Printed on the mat below the photograph is, "Atlantic and Pacific, View Company. Headquarters, Los Angeles, California."
Beall Sawyer with Classmates
Studio photograph of four young women in large identical dark dresses. Beall Sawyer is seated on the left and holding an object with the woman next to her. The other two girls are standing behind them with their hands on Ms. Sawyer's shoulders. They are on top of a rug and in front of a fake backdrop. Written twice on the photograph around Ms. Sawyer is, "Beall Sawyer". Printed beneath the photograph on the mat is, "Swartz 705 Main St., Fort Worth, Tex."
Long Beach Mounted Patrol of Long Beach, California
Photograph of the Long Beach Mounted Patrol standing on a large dirt track. The patrol are riding Palomino horses and are wearing identical uniforms that include shiny button-up shirts, white ties and cowboy hats. President Ward Thompson, Captain Curly Burr and Lt. Carl Fischer are among the patrolmen.
B-58 Arrives at Los Angeles at end of Trophy Flight
The Convair B-58 arrives at Los Angeles at the end of its Bendix Trophy winning flight on 3-5-1962.
Bendix Trophy Flight Arrival at Los Angeles
A crowd of press and spectators are gathered around the Bendix Trophy winning Convair B-58 plane and its crew as they are greeted by another officer upon their arrival at Los Angeles, California on 3-5-62.
Bendix Trophy Winners
The press and spectators view the Bendix Trophy Winners as they greet a senior officer upon their arrive in Los Angeles, California after their trophy flight. L to R: Robert G. Sowers, Robert MacDonald, John T. Walton, and Gen. Thomas Power, Commander In Chief of the Strategic Air Command, on podium.
General Thomas Power Greeting B-58 Crew
General Thomas S. Powers greets the crew of Convair B-58 at the end of their Bendix Trophy Flight at Los Angeles, California, 3-5-1962.
Edward J. Murray Climbing from Ejection Capsule.
Edward J. Murray climbs from a capsule at Edwards Air Force Base after the first manned ejection test from a Convair B-58 on 2-28-1962.