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Alan Dunbar in a Pickup
Photograph of Alan Dunbar. He is sitting in a pickup truck wearing a western hat. Cattle stand in the background.
Bob Dunn
Photograph of Bob Dunn. He has glasses and a beard and wears a western hat.
Bob Franke
Photograph of Bob Franke in March 1970. He is wearing a suit and tie.
C.E. Everitt
Photograph of C.E. Everitt. He is wearing a western hat made of straw.
Don Essary
Photograph of Don Essary of the American Quarter Horse Association in 1971. He wears a suit and tie.
Dr. and Mrs. E. A. Ersminger
Side by side photographs of Mr. and Mrs. E.A. Ersminger, husband and wife in 1970.
Dr. George Ellis
Photograph of Dr. George Ellis in his office. Books and files are on the shelf behind him.
Eric L. Poling, 1972
Photograph of Eric Poling in November 1972.
Henry Fields with Cattle
Photograph of Henry Fields standing in a pasture, pointing. Some cattle are in the background. Henry wears a dark shirt and a hat.
Jack Frost
Photograph of Jack Frost in March 1970. He is wearing a suit, and tie.
James Felty
Photographic portrait of James Felty in March 1974.
Jimmy Tate, 1979
Photograph of Jimmy Tate, employee at The Cattleman Magazine, in January 1979.
Joe Finch, Top 4-H Beef Award Winner, 1976
Photograph of Joe Finch, the 1976 top beef award winner. He is wearing a plaid suit and tie.
Louis Lee Farr
Photograph of Louis Lee Farr in July 1970. He is wearing a suit and tie.
Noah England
Photograph of Noah England in 1970. He is wearing a straw western hat.
Paul W. Horn
Photograph of Paul W. Horn handing out awards for the Livestock Publications Council in 1978.
Paul W. Horn
Photograph of Paul W. Horn with two unidentified men. He is holding an award plaque. It reads, "Distinguished News Coverage of Texas 4-H Club Activities by the Texas 4-H Youth Roundup Foundation at Roundup June 3, 1970".
Paul W. Horn
Photograph of Paul W. Horn in January 1979. He is sitting at his desk. A Recognition Award hangs on the wall.
Portrait of W.D. Farr
Photographic portrait of W.D. Farr. He is wearing a suit and tie.
Ralph Douglas at His Desk
Photograph of Ralph Douglas in his office in October 1975. He is sitting at his desk and looking through some papers. A telephone is on the table behind him.
Richard Forgason
Photograph of Richard Forgason in February 1978. He is wearing a hat, suit, and tie.
Robert Mack Frazier
Photographic portrait of Robert Mack Frazier. He is wearing a suit and tie.
Tad Moses
Photograph of Tad Moses in 1979.
Tad Moses, 1970
Photograph of Tad Moses giving a speech in his childhood community of Strickling, near the town of Burnet. This photo was taken in February 1970.
W.P. "Boots" Felton
Photograph of W.P. "Boots" Felton in November 1970. He is wearing a hat and glasses.