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First Garza County Court

Description: Photograph of the first Garza County Court. There are several men seated and standing in front of a canvas tent. All of the men are wearing hats and some are wearing neckties and some vests. In the front row, left to right are: S.C. Wilkes, L.F. Barrow, Walter Roy, and a Mr. Davis. In the back row, left to right: W.E. Alexander, Hal Murrey, Bud Boren, B.F. Wilkes and Oscar Kelly. In the middle of the frame is an old automobile with people in it. On the left side of the frame is a covered wagon and in the foreground is a saddle.
Date: July 1907
Partner: University of Texas at Arlington Library

Houston Street Looking North in Ft. Worth, Texas c. 1907

Description: Photograph of Houston Street looking North in Ft. Worth, Texas. In the center of the street is a boy riding a bicycle between trolley tracks towards trolleys and horse-drawn buggies. On either side of the street are tall buildings with signs such as, "Lyric Theatre", "A.J. Anderson Co Gun Store" and "Hotel Melba". Lining the street are telephone and electric poles. This photo is dated 1907 or later because the Flatiron building, constructed in 1907 can be seen on the left.
Date: 1907~
Creator: Smith Photo Co.
Partner: University of Texas at Arlington Library

[View of Indian Gap, Texas]

Description: Photograph of Indian Gap, Texas. Indian Gap, as shown in the photo is located in a small valley (gap) between a northern hill and southern hill.
Date: 1907
Partner: University of Texas at Arlington Library